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Last year I wrote a lengthy article about the social phenomenon called ‘Q’ or ‘Q Anon’, and in light of recent events I decided to write a much more streamlined article. So here it is, just 2 pages, Q in 2.

Q is an operation. What the Q operation does is provide a big picture explanation of the plan of action (excluding strategically sensitive details) by a group of patriots in US military and political spheres to defeat a longstanding deep state crime syndicate, to the ends of bringing the guilty to justice, restoring the rule of law, and ultimately restoring greater health and integrity to the entire realm of interrelated public trust institutions which we call Civil Society.

The explanation of this plan necessarily includes explaining much about the nature of the deep state crime syndicate. And this explains exactly why the Q operation was implemented in the first place as an unofficial backchannel of information to the public, because if the plan is to succeed then there has to be a dependable degree of public awareness and solidarity.

Now a bit more about who the team behind Q is. According to the Q communications, the core group is small and the core plan has been in development for decades. Part of the strategy was to regain control of the executive branch of the federal government, and now they have done so. It should be clarified, before proceeding, that this battle is not along the lines of party politics. The deep state crime syndicate is global and its tentacles have long extended through both major US political parties. Whatever his imperfections, Donald Trump is an outsider to the deep state crime syndicate and he was studied and deemed trustworthy by the patriots who initiated the Q operation. Put simply, Trump was recruited and he signed on to the Q operation. Since the Q communications (aka posts or drops) began in late 2017 (on an imageboard website forum where Q’s posts are always secured by an impenetrable user ID tripcode), President Trump has, through speeches and messages and tweets on social media which synchronize with and echo and mirror previous Q posts, repeatedly confirmed the authenticity of Q. Such confirmations (which I will describe in greater detail later) have catalyzed an explosion of popular interest in Q.

Now back to the plan. To more clearly understand why a public communication backchannel was deemed necessary, let’s shift our focus to the field of law enforcement and consider how a ‘sting operation’ or ‘RICO sting’ unfolds: first there’s a lengthy period of investigation, which is followed by a sweep of arrests of multiple targets over a very short span of time, which is followed by a trial by jury phase, and on from there. And this explains a key aspect of the plan conveyed by Q. While much of the Q communications deal with very slow machinations in the arena of law and justice and judiciary (for example, the ongoing FISAgate saga), it is the planned sting operation aspect of the Q endeavor that is the most sensitive and the most precarious aspect, and also the most requiring of a solid core of public awareness and solidarity. Because it’s big in scope and a number of the targets are high profile. And when it happens, you can count on hearing much howling about a ‘dictator’ and ‘henchmen’. Have you ever had the occasion of calling a street con artist on their con? If so, chances are you were informed that you’re the guilty one. Times that by ten thousand.

When the crimes are big, very shockingly big, you can count on hearing accusations of mental instability, of trafficking in baseless conspiracy theories, of being compromised and acting as the agent of a foreign adversary, maybe of Russia or somewhere like that, of a tin pot dictator turning a country into a banana republic, of a cheeto mussolini and his henchmen, in fact we’ve been hearing all of that for over 3 years nonstop.

Now, if you want a laugh, find the BBC interview with FBI contractor Stefan Halper where he tries to makes a case for using the 25th amendment to remove the ‘dangerously erratic’ President Trump. Stefan Halper is the clown who once served as Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, and then went on to manage the front bank for the Iran-Contra guns and drugs running operation, and was then retained for decades as an intelligence agency contractor until he was terminated by the FBI for being a crackhead, and was then rehired for a role in Team Hillary’s ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ frameup job (which is currently boomeranging back on the conspirators with official findings of extensive fraud perpetrated on the FISA court). As for Halper’s role, his very first target was General Michael Flynn. General Flynn once served as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under the Obama administration and was railroaded out of that position for writing a memo that blew the whistle on that administration’s arming and funding of Islamist jihadi brigades in regime change operations which ran completely counter to the stated mission of the United States in the region. Consider the irony of Stefan Halper, a neocon fossil fresh from serving in the employ of Team Hillary, the very epitome of a bipartisan deep state swamp creature, trying to make a case for using the 25th amendment to remove the president who wisely hired General Mike Flynn, who is the antithesis of the swamp in every way and is in fact the swamp’s worst nightmare.

Back to the Q operation. How would the plan have to proceed for the plan to work? Consider, if your adversaries wield enormous power to propagandistically push their narrative through a majority of the larger media outlets, you really can’t win unless you can counter that narrative, which is done by providing your own verifiable information and also by enkindling an awareness of the untrustworthiness of much of the media.

Let’s further consider what could not work. Say you’re an honest person serving in a governmental position and you have knowledge of extreme and well-entrenched criminality within the arena of government (along with an assortment of other interrelated public trust arenas), what would be the result of just coming out directly and making accusations? You’d gain little beyond being shutdown by a controlled media and being stonewalled by a corrupt justice system. Worse still, you’d be tipping off your enemies by spilling the details of what you know, in effect informing your enemies where to shore up their cover-ups and where to eliminate their liabilities.

What you would need to do is form a team and get your own players and allies into important positions and begin draining the swamp. You’d need to methodically remove corrupt players and replace them with allies in key roles in government, various agencies, the judiciary, the military, the corporate world, the banking system, the media, everywhere. And you’d need many allies in the public at large. You’d need a movement. Thus the Q operation and the resulting worldwide Q Anon movement with its motto ‘WWG1WGA’, ‘Where We Go One We Go All’. Sheep no more.

Well, my 2 pages are already up, and I suppose an article of this length can only be a primer. I haven’t gotten to the important details of how President Trump has confirmed the authenticity of the Q communications, nor to more specific details about how and where Q communicates, nor to the details of what Q has to say about the very evil global-scale criminal activity of the deep state crime syndicate, nor to details about the very positive things that Q says are planned for after the Q operation’s house cleaning and ass whooping procedures, but all of this and more is provided in my longer article (not terribly long, around 8 pages followed by 10 pages of pictorial graphics) called ‘A Common Sense Appraisal of Q’ (see the link at the end of this article). Thanks for reading.


“How many ideas have there been upon earth, in human history, which only ten years earlier were unimaginable and which suddenly appeared when their mysteriously appointed season arrived, to go spreading all over the earth?” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky


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A Common Sense Appraisal Of Q

One thing we can be sure of is that one of our nation’s top military intelligence veterans, General Michael Flynn, who served as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the highest ranking military intelligence officer in the United States, and also as National Security Advisor to the President of the United States, is not going to in any way, officially or unofficially, promote a vast online movement that is followed by tens and tens of millions of people, and which falsely purports to be a covert backchannel information sharing operation and which casts himself in a featured role. No way. Nor would he permit his family members to promote such a movement.

Cyber operations and ‘information warfare’ are a huge deal in the US military intelligence arena, garnering massive amounts of time and money, and assigned to a number of distinct military corps with their own regimental insignias. ‘Information operations’ also falls under the directive assigned to the NSA, the US agency which handles much of the surveillance capabilities upon which military operations depend. In short, great investments are made in developing our own cyber operations and information operations capabilities and also on studying those of nations considered adversaries or competitors. The potential threat of foreign disinformation operations is something of which US military intelligence professionals are trained to be ever vigilant. Knowing all of that, if you are a US Army general who has also served as the highest ranking military intelligence officer in the United States, you just don’t endorse a vast movement which at its core looks a hell of a lot like a controlled operation (insofar as the ‘Q’ or ‘QAnon’ movement is a massive mobilization of people all being captained by one anonymous online identity calling themself Q, who communicates on one internet board which Q controls and where Q’s communications are always secured by an impenetrable user ID tripcode) which is communicating a very specific narrative about yourself over which you have absolutely no control and which could potentially shift at any moment in any number of unforseen ways to cause great damage to yourself and also to the presidential administration that you continue to express full support for. No way.

And now would be an opportune moment to begin describe just exactly what kinds of claims Q is making about General Flynn, which we will begin doing by describing what kind of claims Q is making about the nature and purpose of the Q operation itself.

For starters, Q claims to be a small group of people which includes a number of military intelligence insiders and which is working, under the approval of and in partnership with the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, to provide a backchannel of information (aka intel) to the American public (or to as many of a disposition to respond to and appreciate the service). This intel provides a big picture explanation of the plan of action (excluding strategically sensitive details) by a group of patriots in US military and political spheres to defeat a longstanding deep state crime syndicate, to the ends of bringing the guilty to justice, restoring the rule of law, and ultimately restoring greater health and integrity to the entire realm of inter-related public trust institutions which we call Civil Society.

Such claims of course require verification, and verification has been provided. In fact, President Trump has, through speeches and messages and tweets on social media which synchronize with and echo and mirror previous Q posts, repeatedly confirmed the authenticity of Q. I will explain these confirmations in greater detail later and pictorial graphics will be provided in the last section of this article, titled ‘Confirmations’ (which is after the pictorial graphics section titled ‘General Flynn Connections’). For now, I’ll just note that these confirmations have catalyzed an explosion of popular interest in Q.

Let’s take a few brief paragraphs to summarize the intel that Q is providing.

The first topic of intel that I’ll discuss helps to explain why the Q operation was necessitated in the first place, as an unofficial backchannel of information to the public, and that is that the Q communications are intended to bypass and outflank a deeply subverted American news media. The media corruption is such that numerous larger mainstream news outlets (due to complicity at the upper echelons) are effectively serving as propaganda conduits from a criminal syndicate, which has been flagged for treasonous activity against the United States of America, to the American public. Now, if that strikes you as preposterous, then you may feel different after reading this article. Meanwhile, consider for a moment how United States ‘information operations’ would occur in a foreign country; for example, Soviet-occupied East Germany during the Cold War. At the top of the US ‘information operations’ list would be the development of channels of communication to the East German people (and especially to those engaged in active resistance) in a way that gets around censorship blockades and around hostile media outlets which exist to broadcast enemy propaganda. The Q operation essentially applies this same method to the American people, a necessary means due to the widespread subversion of the media by an entrenched and treasonous criminal syndicate.

And treason brings us to the next topic of intel that Q is providing. Q communicates much specific information about an array of treasonous activities by an array of US politicians and government officials. One example, amongst many, is the Obama Administration policy of supplying arms to Islamist jihadi groups, including branches of ISIS and Al Queda, as proxy armies in illegal regime change operations in the Middle East, most prominently in Libya and Syria. This policy was the literal aiding and abetting of enemy combatants against whom the United States is engaged in a state of war. This subject is of course known about outside of the Q communications. In fact, General Mike Flynn lost his job as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under Obama for standing up and calling out the insanity of this policy. But the Q communications provide supplemental information about this and a variety of other topics related to the misuse of the miltary capabilities of the United States, referencing crimes perpetrated by the the Bush Administration and Clinton Administration and well beyond (Q has repeatedly clarified that organized criminals have infiltrated both major political parties in the United States). Regarding these and other matters, Q also often directs Q’s readers to specific lesser known reports and articles in order to conduct further research for themselves and ultimately achieve greater collective comprehension. As President Dwight Eisenhower said in his farewell address, “Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

Treason on the domestic front is another point of Q intel. The continuing saga known as FISAgate or SpyGate is featured heavily in the Q communications, though it is not the central topic, and the story slowly unfolding before the public is evidently that of an attempt to subvert the US electoral process, and thus the fundamental Constitutional rights of the American people, by a syndicate of corrupt politicians and intelligence agency employees. The conspirators colluded to sabotage a presidential campaign by knowingly and deliberately laundering a trove of completely false information through the FISA warrant process in order to gain and misuse government surveillance abilities against their opponent’s campaign. They also leaked the trove of fictitious information (with multiple fraudulently obtained FISA warrants as a seal of credibility) to American news outlets, which immediately began propagandistically pushing the ‘Trump colluded with Russia’ narrative with no regard for substantiation or objectivity, even long after the fraudulent origins of the FISA warrants were revealed. Now, there is a very simple reason for why the FISAgate conspirators did what they did, for their fabrications about Carter Page and George Papadopolous and General Flynn and about treasonous pursuits of a ‘Trump Tower Moscow’ deal and about prostitutes peeing on hotel beds. They did it because they regarded the defeat of Hillary Clinton as a threat to their global organized crime operations.

I should emphasize here that General Mike Flynn plays a featured role in the very specific narrative that Q is advancing about FISAgate. Q actually claims to be working in tandem with General Flynn and to know what General Flynn is involved in behind the scenes. One would think that, on that account, that if Q were a fake or a LARP, then General Flynn, as well as several of his family members, as well as his personal defense attorney (representing Flynn in his very high-profile case against charges stemming from the Mueller Investigation), would take strong measures to alert the Q Anon movement that Q is not authentic, rather than to continually signal a loud and clear approval of the Q Anon movement. Note that I used the word ‘signal’. The Q communications claim that the maintaining of plausible deniability is by nature (as an unofficial backchannel) part and parcel of the Q operation. Odd indeed, then, how General Flynn and several of his family members, along with his personal defense attorney, all remain squarely within the realm of plausible deniability even as they all ‘signal’ very loud and very clear approval of Q Anon. More about this later.

Other points of intel which Q claims to be providing are about a broader scope of criminal activity by an entrenched deep state criminal syndicate. This includes the conducting of false flag operations, events of mass deception, both domestically and abroad. False flag attacks can be events of real violence or fake staged events, in either case the purpose is to advance an agenda and to script a narrative. I won’t get into details here, but Q has communicated about specific events being false flags and has also directed readers to specific avenues of research. Q has also communicated about ways in which the mainstream news media and also the entertainment industry are complicit in promoting narratives built on mass deception.

Moving on, Q has also dropped intel about the involvement of ‘elite’ criminal networks in child trafficking operations. Have you ever seen the photo of the creepy occult temple on the private island where billionaire Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficked young teenage girls and also hosted a slew of social and political ‘elites’ and foreign ‘dignitaries’? Well, if it isn’t Prince Andrew in a photo with his arm around the waist of an adolescent sex slave, they probably spent the day discussing a cricket tournament. Have you heard of the sex trafficking cult NXIVM? It’s been in the news since the arrest of actress Allison Mack for her involvement in it, and now we’re learning that young adolescent and preteen girls were trafficked. Q has communicated that some sex trafficking networks are tied to satanic cults, the hideous deeds of which which include torture and human sacrifice. I know it’s an awful topic, but I also know that it’s a problem that does exist, and there’s a number of scandals of this sort on the known record (to name just two: the Belgian Dutroux scandal and the Jimmy Saville/British MPs scandal, both cases in which the criminal networks were comprised of social ‘elites’ and both cases in which murderous satanic rituals were involved). According to Q, the Q operation intends to bring down existing abuse networks, to bring the members of organized abuse rings to justice, and to rescue as many children as possible. Hearteningly, several posts relate that continual progress is being made in closing down human trafficking hubs and networks around the globe (for example post 1884 from August 15 2018 relates that global trafficking hubs have been successfully shut down in seven different countries, with further hubs in the process of being closed).

Please don’t naively dismiss this subject matter. We are talking about sick cults, and we all know that sick cults do exist and that they have existed throughout much of history. For example, ancient Greek historians corroborate Biblical accounts of the demonic child-sacrificing cult of Moloch. Thankfully, basic decency is the rule and not the exception in this world, but alas there are some twisted groups out there who ideologically embrace evil. And these can include people of upper crust social status as well as the so-called dregs. Consider, it’s public knowledge that the gang MS-13 are avowed and self-proclaimed satanists, human sacrifice and all. They wear their ghoulishness on their tattooed faces, but the fact is that the posh billionaire class worshippers of evil are intrinsicly no different. What they worship is power and they won’t shrink from using depraved occult practices to twist and control minds and establish bonds of ‘loyalty’, that’s why it’s called a cult. More specific details and evidence concerning this phenomenon amongst upper strata social spheres will be provided in my next article, linked after the end of this article. For now, I’ll just say that if you know your history, then you know that sick cults do exist. If you are not naive, then you don’t simplistically project your own morality onto humanity at large and insist that ‘other people can’t possibly be like that because I would never be like that’.

I should further emphasize, on a positive note, that Q assesses that shutting down the whole system of global child trafficking networks is achievable and is underway, to quote Q (from the 2nd day of Q posts): “there are a lot more good people than bad so have faith”, and also, concerning positions of governmental power, “not everyone is corrupt (fewer than you think)”. Personally, I have no doubt that very warped and evil people make up an exceedingly small percent of humanity at large and that if one could somehow chart all of the human activity on any given day on earth then the good would be the steady norm and the bad would be a mere blip. Nonetheless, it can only be a painful process when the world is made aware, as it will be, of the deeds of organized networks of evil and of how some of those whom the public have trusted most have been guilty of preying on the most vulnerable. To quote one Q post: “the enormity of what is coming will shock the world. Pray.” And another Q post: “difficult truths will soon see the light of day.” The only recourse is the spiritual vantage of optimism, not focusing on the ugly details of crimes against children but rather on the inspiring vision of the much better world being created.

Another topic covered by Q which prevails upon readers to look toward the the creation of a better future is that of the existence of advances in realms of medicine and technology which are currently being suppressed by sociopaths in power. And they are not only guilty of suppressing cures but also of creating diseases, according to Q. Many people who have been studying this topic long before Q came along will be aware of a litany of innovators in realms of medicine and technology who have experienced all kinds of persecution and suppression, including imprisonment and murder. Especially in the world of energy technology, we hear stories of innovators being shut down and their work being wholly disappeared into the classified world. Some intruiging hints of hidden innovations have been given by high-profile figures from within the ‘establishment’, such as given by Lockheed Martin engineering pioneer Ben Rich at his final public appearance, a speech to fellow alumnae of UCLA Engineering School in 1993. There Rich commented, “we now know how to travel to the stars and it doesn’t take a lifetime to make the trip. We found an error in the equations”, adding that propulsion systems exists which “work according to the same principle of ESP. All points in space and time are connected”. Whatever Rich was describing is certainly beyond conventional physics. At this speech, Rich also stated that he and others were persuaded that secrecy was justified by the circumstances of the Cold War, but that with fall of the Soviet Union he felt there was no good reason not to revise outdated theories in the public realm of education. Senior Lockheed engineer Boyd Bushman made similar late-in-life statements: “we aren’t talking about wind or solar or even atomic, we have other forms of energy that we have theoretically proven that are available, not only that but there have been significant developments and many times the things we look at and call UFO’s are really some of the developments we’ve been involved with.” In response to a question about secret space programs, Q simply confirmed (in post 2225): “programs exist that are outside of public domain”. Not very revealing as far as details go, but certainly very intruiging about what has yet to be revealed, perhaps sooner than later.

Well, much like the topic of widespread media subversion, those last few topics of Q intel drops are also, according to Q, reasons why the Q operation was necessitated. Because the entrenched criminal syndicate has a long habit of cultivating and weaponizing public incredulity. One thing’s for certain, thanks to the Q operation, tens and tens of millions of people are now far less incredulous. A vast number of formerly so-called ‘whitebread’ conservatives (as well as many independents and so-called liberals) are now quite awakened and are not being scared off by the weaponized ‘conspiracy theorist’ label, because they’ve taken the road of considering the evidence for themselves and of thinking for themselves. According to Q, this mass awakening is an essential part of ensuring that the guilty do not evade justice and that the rule of law be advanced. Public incredulity isn’t going to save the guilty. Scare tactics about ‘conspiracy theory’ aren’t going to save the guilty. An attempted “Trump is using lies and ‘deep fakes’ to round up enemies like a tin pot dictator” ruse isn’t going to save the guilty. It’s all going to be above board, all very painstakingly legal and constitutional, according to Q. Which seems to jibe with sentiments succinctly expressed, after a recent meeting with Attorney General William Barr, by US Prosecutor John Huber, whom former AG Jeff Sessions specifically tasked to investigate (with a 470 member staff) issues of concern including The Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One scandal, amongst other matters (we already know from FBI reports that any investigation into The Clinton Foundation ipso facto involves the infamous Weiner Laptop), “we will hold offenders accountable and advance the rule of law”.

One thing we can be sure of is that the rule of law cannot be advanced without firmly establishing that no one is above the law.

Before continuing, I should not neglect to emphasize that the Q Anon movement isn’t all just about going after the bad guys. Many regard the Q Anon movement primarily as a fellowship which celebrates patriotism and freedom of thought and the spiritual values upon which our culture and our form of government are built. And while it started in the United States, it extends to patriots who uphold the cause of Liberty in their own homelands throughout the world.

Now, back to General Flynn. When we consider the case of General Mike Flynn, the fact becomes obvious that if Q was not an authentic inside operation, then General Flynn would certainly take strong measures to alert the public that this is so. As mentioned, Q’s communications place General Flynn in a featured role. Also as mentioned, every top military intelligence expert is trained to spot potential disinformation operations, and no military intelligence expert would allow themselves to be placed in the square middle of an ongoing narrative which is being followed by millions of people and over which they have no control.

So, imagine that you are General Mike Flynn. Imagine you are General Mike Flynn in the fight of your life. The FBI says that you lied about a perfectly legal conversation, you’ve been forced out of your job as National Security Advisor to the President of the United States, you’ve been scooped up by the Mueller Investigation and are now completely embroiled in it, you’ve been forced to sell your house to pay for mounting legal bills, and a squad of professional legal analysts are telling mainstream news outlets that you are about to be hauled off to prison. And now someone or someones called Q, the lone captain of a vast online movement which looks a heck of a lot like a controlled operation, is stirring up this vast movement with claims that you, General Flynn, have purposefully allowed yourself to be roped into the Mueller Investigation in order to force other investigations into criminal activity about which you plan testify, essentially turning the tables on the deep state. According to Q. And this ‘Q’ even goes so far as to confidently claim that “Flynn is Safe. We protect our Patriots”, as Q confidently claimed on December 5, 2017. And then exactly one year after that statement from Q, within a few hours to the the day, Robert Mueller revealed that he has no grounds to recommend prison time for you, General Flynn. Your sister then gives a celebratory shoutout to your supporters on twitter using the slogan of the Q Anon movement, WWG1WGA (“Where We Go One We Go All”). Q, in return, posts a shoutout to your sister on Q’s communication board. And imagine your astonishment when a few weeks later it is revealed that closure of your case in the Mueller Investigation is being delayed because you are providing information for several ongoing criminal investigations. Meanwhile, several of your siblings continue to signal shoutouts to the Q Anon movement and to retweet tweets with messages and links endorsing and promoting the Q Anon movement. By this time a number of social media hall monitors have adopted the practice of breathlessly twitter-tattling about every Q Anon nod from a Trump affiliate. And so what do your siblings do then, General Flynn? They up their trolling game with direct shoutouts to Q, followed by ‘what? my phone was hacked!’, followed by an exchange of chuckles with Q Anon supporters and an indirect sharing in what has become by now a huge inside joke of sorts (not that the Q operation isn’t about serious business). As Michael Scott from The Office said, “I love inside jokes, I always wanted to be on the inside of one”.

Now, imagine that you are General Michael Flynn, and imagine your chagrin upon discovering that, as it turns out, you yourself, General Flynn, have for quite some time been signaling a number of indirect but loud and clear shoutouts to the Q Anon movement. Imagine that.

A picture tells a thousand words. But before we get to the pictures, let me clarify that General Flynn’s family members are private citizens and have done nothing to deserve any sort of unwanted attention. My intention in highlighing the Flynn family is only to highlight the fact that normal decent patriotic Americans are associating themselves with the Q Anon movement, and by this I hope to dispel the false impressions promoted by a media misinformation frenzy about the Q Anon movement being full of mentally ill people with an inclination to violence. Furthermore, contrary to mainstream media reports, which largely consist in the knocking down of straw man attributions, there’s nothing in any Q posts about about lizard people or about JFK Jr. being still alive or about a Flat Earth. Fake news. In addition, while mainstream news articles claim that Q has made ‘prophecies’ that have failed to occur on some date, Q clarified early on in the Q communications that “we won’t telegraph our moves to the enemy. We will however light a fire to flush them out”. Any Q researcher or ‘anon’ will agree that while Q does communicate planned future events, the giving of specific future dates is not part of the intel that Q is communicating. Deep state criminals can also read Q’s communications, and it would obviously be foolish to broadcast the specific dates of one’s plans to one’s adversaries. Consult Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War for further information.

One last thing before the pictures, it’s necessary to briefly explain a few particular aspects of the Q communications. Among a variety of phrases and themes and other sorts of ‘communication signals’ used by Q are several that Q has expressly adopted from a movie called White Squall. This is the only instance of Q using a movie or a book in this way as far as I am aware. Q has posted the film trailer of White Squall more than once and has made numerous further refences to aspects of White Squall over a range of posts. In fact, most mainstream articles about Q Anon have noted that the Q Anon movement has their own slogan, which is “WWG1WGA”, an acronym for “Where We Go One We Go All”, a motto that Q borrowed from White Squall. A twitter history search of the use of #WWG1WGA reveals that, from the day that twitter began in 2006 to the arrival of the Q phenomenon in late 2017, the acronym WWG1WGA was simply not used on twitter, excepting by one high school kid in Elmwood City PA who in a few tweets about rehearsals for his school play included #WWG1WGA, with, I should add, the hashtag preceded by an anchor emoji (meaning that either he or his drama teacher saw the sailing movie White Squall and appreciated it enough to use it as an analogy). Well, Q also appreciated the movie enough to borrow the general plot analogy and to also borrow several specific aspects of the film as communication signals, including most notably the motto ‘WWG1WGA’ and also ‘the Storm’, which is the central dramatic element of the movie. It could be said that the Q phenomenon actually began a few weeks before Q’s first communication drop, with President Trump’s first cryptic reference to ‘The Storm’ https://youtu.be/HH0AvaG3SqQ. As mentioned there are, apart from White Squall references, numerous other signals and signature phrases that Q uses in Q’s communications; for example the phrase “nothing can stop what is coming”, and for another example Q often uses the number 17 as a calling card (Q being the 17th letter of the alphabet). Anyhow, there’s much more to be said about the ways in which confirmations or proofs of Q’s authenticity are being continually provided by the Q operation team, often through a synchronicity between specific Q posts and the subsequent communicating of specific words or tweets or images by President Trump and several others (an early Q post asks “have you not discovered the CONFIRMED correlation between posts here and Tweets yet?”), and we will examine several examples of these kinds of confirmations after highlighting some of the ways in which General Flynn and the Flynn family appear to be signaling a loud and clear endorsement of the Q Anon movement. So, onto some pictures.


General Flynn Connections

This first graphic is a preliminary just to briefly explain how I was able to verify the identity of General Flynn’s siblings on twitter, and I’m only doing so because a few people have asked me. For starters, General Flynn’s siblings are the opposite of anonymous on twitter, and they are very much involved there in raising awareness about the injustice committed against their brother, General Mike Flynn, and also in letting people know about General Flynn’s legal defense fund. For more background, a brief google search for articles about General Flynn and his home town of Middletown Rhode Island will include articles which also feature a number of his siblings. Among General Flynn’s siblings, Barbara has been particularly engaged with the media over the past year, giving a number interviews (as highlighted in the graphic above) about FISAgate and other issues relating to politics. Also, like several of her siblings, including General Mike, she’s known in the world of surfing (relatedly, a UK Daily Mail article featured General Flynn and his sister Barbara on a surfing outing: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4585030/Michel-Flynn-surfs-despite) . General Flynn’s siblings Barbara, Mary, Joe, and Jack, as well as General Flynn’s wife Lori, are all on twitter and all regularly interact with each other and their identities are very easy to verify.

This graphic features Q-themed retweets from two of General Flynn’s sisters. On the top left is a retweet by General Flynn’s sister Mary. This tweet from March 23 2019 features two images: one image is of the letter Q and the statement “the greatest information operation in world history”, and the other image is a meme of General Flynn taken from the Q research board on 8chan (the arrowed number below the image is telltale 8chan) and says “busy doing patriot shit”. Ha. On the right is a retweet by General Flynn’s sister Barbara, featuring a GIF image of a revolving ball of photos and memes, on one side of the revolving ball is the Q Anon motto “#WWG1WGA” and on the other side of the ball is “#QNN”, which is another acronym used by the Q Anon movement (idea being that ‘QNN’, the Q News Network, is the alternative to CNN, the creme de la creme of fake news). On the bottom left is another retweet from Barbara, which like the other tweets featured here uses the hashtag #WWG1WGA, and features a photo of General Flynn with a caption in the style of the Q communications (which often place brackets around words) “THE [PAIN] STARTS NOW”. These words are of course aimed at the deep state criminal syndicate and the tweet’s date of March 22 would indicate it is meant to refer to the at long last removal of the Mueller Investigation blockade on that day. The tweet could also be taken as relevant to Q drops from March 20th about the particularly troubling and infuriating topic of the deep state cabal’s involvement in child sex trafficking. I should add that other Q drops have clarified that the people involved in such sick atrocities are in the minority amongst politicians and government officials, and one Q post provides the overall assessment “Not everyone is corrupt (fewer than you think).” According to Q, child trafficking rings are already being dismantled, and naturally everyone wants to see the perpetrators brought to justice as soon as possible.

The above graphic features a twitter post (top left of graphic) in September 2019 from General Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, who is currently representing General Flynn against charges stemming from the Mueller Investigation. Here Sidney Powell is directly posting an article by prominent QAnon researcher Paul Serran and which is featured on Serran’s website All Things Q (images from which are shown on the bottom half of above graphic). The article gives complete credence to the authenticity of the Q communications and presents the Flynn case in context of the narrative given by Q about General Flynn’s case. In fact, the article is the fifth in a series by Serran which explains and analyzes the ongoing events of General Flynn’s case in the context of the Q communications. The fact that Sidney Powell not only directly posted this article on twitter but also tagged prominent reporters and pundits including Sean Hannity and Sara Carter as well as Rudy Giuliani means that Powell intended this to be seen by the same people who regularly spotlight Powell and the Flynn case to an audience of millions. Since being retained by Flynn in June 2019, Powell has made regular personal appearances on numerous popular conservative news shows, including Hannity, and also on shows which don’t shy from more controversial content regarding conspiratorial matters, such as ‘Caravan To Midnight’. Also notice at the top right of this graphic that Sidney Powell’s twitter banner image is actually that of a storm over Washington D.C., dark sky and lightning over the Capitol, which obviously hearkens to Q, as ‘The Storm’ is a central theme of the Q posts. Regarding the case itself, note that in late October 2019 Powell submitted an explosive brief detailing evidence about how the FISAgate conspirators actually altered FBI ‘302’ interview notes in order to frame General Flynn and about how the orchestration of plans to bring down General Flynn began months before the election of Donald Trump. Expect fireworks (read more here). Obviously, the stakes in Flynn’s case are very high and Flynn’s personal attorney would not be promoting the QAnon narrative about General Flynn if it was not clear to her that the QAnon narrative about Flynn is in fact authentic and correct. Do the math.

Returning to General Flynn’s siblings, here we have a sample of a number of retweets, from January thru March 2019, by General Flynn’s sisters Mary and Barbara, of tweets specifically advocating and promoting the Q Anon movement. Do the math.

This graphic features a few Q themed retweets by General Mike Flynn’s wife, Lori Flynn. She regularly uses her twitter to advocate for patriotic causes including justice for her husband, and she regularly interacts with other members of General Flynn’s family who follow her on twitter (see top right of graphic for one example). The retweet on the bottom left is by ‘Bards of War’, who hosts a patriotic show of the same name on youtube and elsewhere and is a Q supporter who regularly gives commentary on Q communications. Notice he tweets “things I am grateful for” and includes ‘Q’ in the list. On the bottom right we have a retweet of a meme which features a catchphrase used by President Trump about deep state criminals, which is also featured in the Q communications, “these people are sick”. This meme attributes the phrase to Q+. As explained, the Q operation is a team of people, and from time to time over the course of the Q communications there have been posts signed Q+. Q has made clear that when the author of a post is President Trump, then the post is signed Q+. Do the math.

On the left is a tweet from Feb 15 2019 from General Flynn’s brother Joseph Flynn. Note that after writing about a “Stormy afternoon” Joe makes use of the dramatic “…” and asks “has the STORM arrived?” with the word ‘storm’ in capital letters. Note that within the next hour his and General Flynn’s sister, Barbara, responded to Joe’s tweet, her message beginning “Yes Joe The Tip Of The Storm Has Arrived!” And note also that she included a ‘scales of justice’ emoji after her message. Do the math, and I don’t mean common core. In further regards, Q has dropped several posts about the arrest of actress Allison Mack for her involvement with the human trafficking sex cult NXIVM. Amongst other things, Q wrote that “Mack is naming names. Big names in H-wood/Gov’t” and also”Mack. Snowball.” (hinting at an accumulating snowball effect). And so I wonder if the use of the word “Macking” to describe “The Storm” in General Flynn’s sister’s tweet here has multiple layers of meaning.

Mid-March 2019, here is General Flynn’s brother Joe giving a shoutout to Q. Oh wait, actually five minutes later he says that his phone was hacked. But apparently it got better. Oh, actually he says that maybe it was hacked by the team (Q team?) and a then a crylaughing emoji. Which prompts further exchanges of jocularities with QAnon enthusiasts. What the heck is so funny? Does The Daily Beast know about this? Does the General know about this?

On the left is a message of gratitude for support of General Flynn and the Flynn family, a tweet from General Flynn’s sister, Barbara, in which she also writes the Q Anon slogan #WWG1WGA. This message was sent on December 4 2018. General Flynn had at that time already been long embroiled in the Mueller Investigation, and on that date Mueller revealed that he had no grounds to recommend prison time for General Flynn. The following day, Dec 5, Q posted an American flag photo and linked to Barbara’s tweet. This Q post and this date is also significant in that exactly one year prior to this, on Dec 5 2017, Q had posted “FLYNN is safe. We protect our patriots.” And this also hearkens to two statements often repeated by Q, “future proves past” and “promises made, promises kept”. In further regards about the Mueller investigation, Flynn’s role in the Mueller investigation has apparently shifted from to defense to offense, as Flynn has actually been kept on in the Mueller Investigation in order to continue providing testimony for several other investigations that have in part or in whole been forced by Flynn’s testimony.

On the left is a tweet from a Q Anon supporter in which he shares a twitter message reply from General Flynn in response to a message that he sent to General Flynn following the speech that the General gave at the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Council award in September 2018. Flynn’s reply was “WWG1WGA”, which as we know is also the motto of the Q Anon movement. Perhaps General Flynn simply noticed that the man had a custom of using the acronym himself and so reciprocated the acronym as a gesture of acknowledgement of common shared values, and not necessarily of Q Anon specifically. But, again, September was late enough that General Flynn must’ve known what Q Anon was about, and he didn’t tell the guy to drop the Q shit. On the right is a tweet sent out by General Flynn’s brother, Joseph Flynn, in late January 2019. Notice he tweeted the Q Anon motto “WWG1WGA!!!” not as a message tagging any individual, but as a tweet below a link sharing words from a speech that General Flynn gave while campaigning for Republican congressional candidate Omar Navarro. By then the Flynn family of course knew that WWG1WGA is the slogan of the by then vastly popular Q Anon movement. But you can’t prove anything, but do the math.

On the left is a tweet from August 3 2018 by a patriot named Sean who is also an enthusiastic Q Anon supporter. In this tweet, Sean posts a home video in which he filmed a bald eagle flying. Naturally, Sean found the event inspiring and so decided to dedicate the video to General Flynn and to President Trump in his tweet. Notice he writes in the tweet “thought of you bro @AsTheQTurns”. “AsTheQTurns” is of course a shoutout to fellow supporters of the Q operation. And Sean also includes the Q Anon motto #WWG1WGA. Not long after Sean’s tweet, General Flynn changed the banner image of his own twitter page to a frame from Sean’s video, a glimpse of the bald eagle in majestic flight over an opening in a canopy of trees. While this appears to be a pretty direct endorsement of Q Anon by General Flynn, it’s definitely a grateful acknowledgement of Sean’s patriotism and of his support for General Flynn, and no one can prove that it’s also an endorsement of Q. Don’t pet the eagle.

At the top we see two copies of General Flynn’s book ‘The Field Of Fight’ which General Flynn signed during an event, the 47th annual Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Council, on September 15 2018, at which he was honored with an award and gave a speech. Note that General Flynn signed the books with the slogan “Where We Go 1 We Go All”, which also happens to be the Q Anon motto. Maybe the people asked General Flynn to write that slogan on the books, which prompts me to wonder, if so, did they also ask him to write the the number ‘1’ instead of the word ‘one’ in the phrase, like the way the Q Anon movement writes the acronym? In further regards, consider that by September 2018 General Flynn must’ve been well aware of the huge Q Anon movement and that Q was scripting him a featured role in a specific narrative that Q is transmitting. Would General Flynn risk appearing to endorse QAnon if General Flynn doesn’t know who Q is and doesn’t have the slightest control over where Q might decide to take the narrative about him next? Back to the pictures above, on the bottom left we see a Q post from September 8 2018, a photo of an American flag, posted by Q just one week exactly prior to the event at which General Flynn’s received the award and gave a speech. One week later, when the respective award and speech event took place, many Q post followers were quick to note that the exact same US flag photo that Q had posted one week prior was used at the event of General Flynn’s award and speech. The photo was projected onto a screen during event (note the photo in the middle, which shows General Flynn standing in front of the projector screen at the event, is taken from an angle but it is clearly the same flag photo). Now many would call this a very remarkable coincidence, and so would I. After all, there are certainly a vast variety of American flag photos that could have been used at the event at which General Flynn spoke, and Q has posted several different American flag photos and pictures over the course of the Q posts, and yet the flag photo used at the event was the exact same photo that Q had posted exactly one week prior and was also Q’s most recent post of a photo or image of an American flag at that time. All within plausible deniability, but do the math.

General Flynn’s brother Jack joined twitter (or returned with a new account) in late March 2019. At the top of the graphic we see a retweet by General Flynn’s sister Mary of a tweet by her brother Joe welcoming Jack back to twitter. Interestingly, one of the Jack’s first retweets, about an hour after joining twitter on March 26, was a tweet by a Q-themed account which directly quotes a Q post from that day about malfeasance in the handling of the Jussie Smollet hate crime hoax case. On the lower left is the Q post itself and on the right is the retweet. Is Jack Flynn endorsing Q Anon? Do the math.

And here is another retweet by Jack Flynn of a Q-themed tweet from a Q-themed twitter account. This tweet quotes a number of Q posts about the secrecy maintained in prosecutor John Huber’s investigation of multiple scandals involving Hillary Clinton. The phrase “PANIC IN DC” is found in numerous Q posts, most often in posts about Huber. “Kitchen is hot” is from another related Q post. And notice the hashtag in the tweet “#QAnon”. Is Jack Flynn keeping up to date on Q Anon and endorsing Q’s narrative about prosecutor John Huber and also endorsing Q’s narrative about his brother General Michael Flynn? Do the math.

This graphic shows a few of the Q themed podcasts or shows on which General Flynn’s siblings Joe and Barbara have appeared as guests. At the top is ‘Bards of War’, below that is ‘Truth And Art TV’, and below that is ‘InTheMatrixxx’. All three shows are mainly focused on the narrative of the Q communications. Far from warning the hosts of these shows against giving credence to the Q communications, Joe and Barbara expressed their enthusiastic support for all three shows during their interviews. Do the math.


Alright, shifting gears now, below is a small sample of the many confirmations or proofs which originate directly from the Q posts and are instances in which specific Q posts are confirmed by highly improbable synchronicities or coincidences or by a foreknowledge of events on Q’s part becoming evident (which Q calls “future proves past”). As mentioned, on many occassions President Trump has, through speeches and messages and tweets on social media which synchronize with and echo and mirror previous Q posts, repeatedly confirmed the authenticity of Q. New confirmations are given on about a weekly basis lately, so I may (probably will) update this list. I would enjoy putting together a more extensive list, but my guitar doesn’t practice itself and time is of the essence.

A regular part of the Q communications is the unusual use of capital letters in words as codes or signals. Now, if a Q researcher reading the Q posts on the night of Dec 10 2017 were to search Google for “BDT” (as I know some have reported doing), then at the top of the Google results would be a Wikipedia article on BDT as the currency code for the unit of Bangladeshi currency. So, Q’s BDT hint is far from cryptic. Q’s consecutive posts (3 mins apart) on the night of December 10 2017 specifically communicate the topic of Bangladesh and also specifically communicate the topics of a false flag attack and explosions. The following day a Bangladeshi man failed to explode a pipe bomb in NYC, which naturally became a big news story, and later that night Q posted that the attack was thwarted (which could be interpreted as thwarted by either members of the Q operation or by agents who have access to the same surveillance intel as the Q operation). This particular proof is confirmation of Q’s status as insiders of an operation with advanced capabilities to conduct surveillance on foreign and domestic enemies of the United States.

Now, this proof is one of many examples of how a Q post presents a ‘communication signal’ which is then subsequently confirmed by a tweet from President Trump. At first glance, the Q post (shown at the top left of the graphic), appears to be some kind of unknown code. But Q’s manner of posting in partial words and code words and abbreviations are very well known to Q Anon researchers and meanings of partial coded words are understood due to their consistent use. In fact, from the start of the Q communications, Q has repeatedly emphasized that Q Anon researchers must learn to decipher Q’s abbreviated and indirect method of communication (‘learn the comms’). As an explanation, Q wrote: “Our comms must be this way. Refer back – the ‘Why?’ NAT SEC laws.” National Security restrictions. For the same reason, Q’s posts are often phrased as questions that invite researchers to investigate and to come to conclusions or make interpretations for themselves (which is often a collective endeavor, and often correct conclusions or interpretations receive some sort of distinct nod from Q). In short, Q is careful to never violate any national security laws, even as Q provides an information backchannel unlike anything heretofore known in American history. Back to the graphic, there is nothing of import to National Security in the Q post or in the Trump tweet, the entire purpose of the Q post is just to give a communication signal to be subsequently confirmed and thus provide proof of Q’s authenticity as an inside operation of which President Trump is a member. In the graphic above we see that the Q post directs the Q post readers to the twitter account of President Trump for a confirmation, and we notice that after Q’s abbreviation for account, “act”, Q includes “small#”. A mere 5 minutes later, the very next tweet from President Trump is a message that included the word “#small.” Of course it could be argued that it was a lucky guess on Q’s part (lucky indeed because this was Trump’s first year in office and if Q were to have researched past presidential behaviour for that date, Q would have found that Obama did not observe an annual tradition of tweeting shoutouts to Small Business Saturday). And what are the odds that this improbably lucky guess of the ‘what’ was also an improbably lucky guess of the ‘when’, meaning of the very next tweet from president Trump, just a few minutes away. As mentioned, this above graphic is just one example of many Q confirmations of this sort. An interesting thing about statistics is that when an accumulation of related high improbabilities are taken together, the odds of mere chance being the cause becomes vanishing. In further regards, I’ll add about the above graphic that it looks to me that the inclusion of RED1_RED2_ as the lower part of Q’s post is indicating that in Trump’s forthcoming tweet, under the ‘small#’ confirmation will be another confirmation involving 2 things relating to red, and we see that illustriation under trump’s message has 2 red doors. But even without that, the obvious and already mentioned synchronicites are remarkable.

At the center of the above graphic we see a tweet by President Trump which features one of Q’s signature phrases, “nothing can stop what is coming”. Q has included this phrase in over a dozen of Q’s posts from 2018 through the present. On March 8, 2020, President Trump’s director of social media, Dan Scavino, tweeted the meme with this catchphrase direct from the Q communications, and 17 hours later President Trump retweeted Scavino’s meme. Very interestingly, another calling card of Q is the number 17 (Q being the 17th letter of the alphabet) and we will see more examples of this in more of our illustrative graphics.

At the top left of the above graphic we see that in a post on June 19 2018, Q directs anons to research a person Q only indentifies as [J C]. Q gives a hint with the statement “define role w/ Mueller”. Before long, anons noted that the next Tweet from President Trump to occur after that Q post, one hour later, was a tweet about FISAgate that ended with a typo of the letter ‘p’ added after the word ‘Hunt’. Anons put the ‘P’ into the [J C] of Q’s post, and Q confirmed that this was correct (see the Q post on right of graphic), and upon hunting anons discovered that the JPC who Q was spotlighting was John P. Carlin, who had been the highest level national security official (NSD) at the Dept of Justice and had previously been Robert Mueller’s chief of staff. More than anyone else, John P Carlin was the point man for laundering the completely fraudulent FISA warrant application against Trump campaign member Carter Page through the FISA court. Here’s a good article on the subject https://themarketswork.com/2018/05/21/john-carlin-the-former-nsd-head. To give an overview here, the application against Carter Page was based on fictitious claims in the ‘Steele dossier’ that was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Carter Page, a specialist in the Russian energy industry, is an American Citizen who had recently worked for the FBI as an informant providing reports of his dealings with Russian energy specialists in the academic sector. Later, media outlets like CNN would bank on the premise that their average viewer was just naive enough to buy the idea that since Page had previously provided a service to the FBI, then it should logically be accepted that he was a ‘suspicious target’ who was ‘already on the FBI’s radar’. The actual fact is that it is illegal to use FISA warrants against American citizens, but that is exactly what the FISAgate conspirators did. They submitted fraudulent information to gain FISA surveillance warrants and they also violated NSA data search rules to collect any desired information about American citizens that had been picked up over the course of the surveilliance and was, according to strict laws, being kept ‘masked’ (hidden). Worse, this was not just about surveilling Page (who played a very inconsequential role in the Trump campaign, as did another target named George Papadopolous) but was about the ability to leapfrog from Page to anyone who Page had any contact with. To give an broader overview of a FISA warrant, a FISA warrant engages NSA surveillance technology against the FISA warrant’s target. Think of it this way, the NSA operates under the purview of the the US Dept. of Defense and NSA surveillance capabilities are a very sophisticated military weapon and they are intended to be used as such. For a cohort of US government officials to engage in an elaborate fraud in order to direct NSA surveillance technology against their personal political rivals is tantamount to comandeering sophisticated US military weaponry to use against personal rivals. It’s beyond unethical, it’s criminal and it’s quite fitting that perpetrators should land themselves in a military tribunal, which according to Q, is exactly what is going to happen to a number of FISAgate conspirators (and for some of them, FISAgate is the least of their crimes). Back to John P Carlin, as mentioned, he was the point man for laundering the fraud through the FISA court. And then he resigned, which would allow the person who signed the application for a renewal of a FISA against Carter Page to plausibly claim to be unaware of all the things John P Carlin knew, and conversely John P Carlin could claim that he had no part in the FISA renewal (and could claim to have been initially unaware of information that surfaced later about the Steele dossier and about NSA director Admiral Rogers’ flagging of rampant search query abuse of the NSA database by officials with the DOJ and CIA and also by outsourced contractors). When the findings of Rogers and others about NSA data abuse were presented to the FISA Court, the presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer ruled that during the Obama years one of every 20 searches of the NSA database was illegal, that President Barack Obama and his top officials approved illegal surveillance on 30,055 US citizens, and that the FBI had illegally outsourced top secret surveillance information to 70 private contractors. For more info, read https://brassballs.blog/home/john-p-carlin-is-the-deep-states-wizard-behind-the-curtain-in-the-russian-collusion-fiasco. Again, for a number of FISAgate conspirators, FISAgate is the least of their crimes.

Some readers may be aware of mainstream media reports about Fusion GPS contractor (and CIA contractor) and FISAgate conspirator Nellie Ohr acquiring a ham radio license, which adds significant credibility to Q’s claim that the FISAgate conspirators were also using Xbot chat as a covert communication method. Note that Q’s post mentioning this use of Xbot chat occured shortly before 6 PM (US Eastern Time) of 08/15/18, and within the following hour Xbox suffered an exceptionally massive outage which included the disabling of all chat functions. On the following day, a brief Q post hinted that the mass Xbox outage happened as a result of the prior day’s Q post, which has been taken by many to mean that there was an effort on the part of deep state conspirators to wipe the Xbox logs of evidence of their communications, in which case they were obviously too late if Q had just alerted them that Q knows what they’d been up to on the Xbot chats. In related regards, during the second week of March 2019, Q dropped an epic load of intel about Facebook’s involvement in illegal data collection, which culminated in Facebook experiencing on March 13 a major outage, or as CNN put it, an “epic outage”, about which Q then posted “the ‘cleaning crew’ is active.”

Here is a very clear confirmation of Q’s high level government insider status by way of a foreknowledge of events on Q’s part. The Q team has claimed in several posts to be in contact with several members of Congress (notably of the House ‘Freedom Caucus’), and in this graphic we see confirmation of that. At the top left we see that on March 28 2018 an ‘anon’ on the Q research board on 8chan posted the statement “Free Flynn”. Two minutes later, Q responded specifically to that anon with a Q post that began with the statement “Done In 30”, and then “House cleaning”. Remarkably, exactly 30 days later, on April 27, the congressional House Intelligence Committee released it’s report on Russian collusion allegations, in which it was concluded that there was no collusion by anyone in the Trump campaign (as the “WH secured” statement of the March 28 Q post foretold) and also concluded that General Flynn did not lie to the FBI (a conclusion which cited for support statements by the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn). On the same day as the report’s release, April 27, Q posted about the report (see bottom right of above graphic) and emphatically stated that this conclusion would prove final. As it turns out, Q’s assessment was completely correct and was not contradicted 11 months later by the long anticipated conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Investigation. Q’s use of “House cleaning” in the Q post above was meant in the sense that the House committee was ‘cleaning’ away the fraud (dirt/slander/false narratives) attempted by the FISAgate conspirators. As it stands, the House Intel Committee’s findings have been forwarded to the Senate, of which Republicans retain control, and now Senate inquiries have turned their sights on the FISAgate conspirators and await the conclusions of ongoing investigations by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz and US Prosecutors John Huber and John Durham into matters including criminal abuse of the FISA warrant process and other assorted scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration.

Alright, while the Q operation is serious business, Christmas is nonetheless a time of good cheer. In this spirit, Q provided several Christmas themed proofs in December 2018, beginning with a Q post on December 12 that linked to a tweet from Trump Hotels which included a video about the transformation of the elevator in Trump Hotel Chicago into the ‘Gingerbread Express’, featuring walls made of gingerbread bricks and candy and filled with Christmas decorations. Within 2 minutes, Q researchers (aka ‘anons’) had posted on 8chan that they noticed the unusual inclusion of a ‘Q’ stocking (how many names begin with Q?) which was hung next to the ‘T’ stocking (the consensus was that the T was to indicate Trump). Q and Trump working together. In the middle bottom Q post, we read Q confirming that observation from an anon. It’s certainly a coincidence, but the unusualness was exponentially heightened when anons observed (and Q confirmed) that the Q stocking was actually a stocking decorated with the letter O and that someone had turned the O into a Q (either with a piece of tape or magic marker I suppose), in a way that was quite obvious and not aesthetically complementary to the general attentiveness to pretty details elsewhere. Very unusual. Anyhow, Q’s “more to find” hint in the Q post on the right sent anons back to study the Gingerbread Express video closer. And as our next picture reveals, they found more.

They found more. The Gingerbread Express video shows in a few brief clips that there was a painting of Santa Claus over the mantle with the stockings in the Gingerbread elevator. Now, Santa Claus is known to be a builder of toys, but still it unusual that Santa would be shown holding a hammer, and that depiction is significant to Q Anon researchers because several Q posts have communicated that the Q operation will “drop the hammer” once the stage is set for the Justice phase (i.e. prosecution of criminals) of the Q operation. Also, it is highly unusual and coincidental that that the painting of Santa Claus is signed “QA” which can obviously be taken to mean Q Anon. I should add that there are many more very interesting and logical interpretations that Q researchers (anons) have made about the ‘Gingerbread Express’ video in relation to a number of Q posts, but I prefer to focus on the simple stuff for our purposes here.

This is one in a serie of Q posts involving the movie White Squall as a central communications signal between Q and the anons. As shown in the graphic above, White Squall was produced by Scott Free Productions, and Trump gave a nod to ‘Scott Free’ in a twitter ‘typo’ (incorrectly spelled and incorrectly capitalized) which left many people scratching their heads. On the right is a picture of the bell on the sailing ship in White Squall upon which the sailing ship crew’s motto (and Q Anon motto) is engraved “WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL”. Q has also posted a few times a link to the White Squall movie trailer- https://youtu.be/B5T7Gr5oJbM . Interesting tidbits from the trailer include the dialogue, “this ocean academy is not recognized as accredited”, which seems a fitting analogy for the unofficial nature of the Q Anon operation. There’s also a bit of dialogue in which a young crewmember describes himself “anonymous”, and we know that Q researchers have taken to calling themselves ‘anons’ (partly because an anonymous user ID is the nature of 8chan but also in honor of the chief ‘anon’ who is the anonymous Q). Also in the trailer the narrator dramatically states “it was only the calm before the storm”. As some readers may be aware, in early October 2017, just a few weeks prior to Q’s first post, President Trump famously made the cryptic remark to reporters at a a gathering with top US military officers, whilst drawing an air Q with an extended finger, “Do you know what this represents? Maybe this is the calm before the storm.”- https://youtu.be/HH0AvaG3SqQ . And when Trump was pressed by reporters to eloborate, he said “we have the world’s great military leaders in this room, I will tell you that.” Back to the movie trailer, the narrator also says “a film about loyalty, discovery, and courage”, and central themes of the Q communications are patriotic loyalty and the value of having the courage to think independently and discover the facts for oneself. The narrator’s final words “based on a true story” hearkens to the Q operation revealing the true story, the true facts.

One more, from St. Patrick’s day 2019. Faith and Begorrah. Here we have just President Trump retweeting a tweet from literally the letter Q wearing a MAGA hat on March 17th. Now, veteran Q researchers know that the number 17 is itself given in a number of Q posts as one of the more general communication signals for confirmations. Q being the 17th letter of the alphabet, the number 17 has been adopted by Q as a calling card. Back to the tweet itself, Trump’s twitter account only follows a few dozen other twitter accounts and this account with the Q profile pic isn’t one of them. This obscure account was purposefully highlighted, even though the tweet was expressing essentially the same opinion being expressed by many very popular pundits on social media that day. That day being the 17th. For another example (of many) regarding the Q operation using of the number 17, many Q Anon enthusiasts were quick to note that at a rally in Tampa in July 2018 President Trump rather comically and quizzically (to some) insisted on repeating over and over and over that he’d been to Washington DC “17 times”, quipping whilst doing so, “you know what I’m getting at”- https://youtu.be/2GMNNqPtGLk . If the number 17 weren’t offered by the Q communications themselves, it would be easy to dismiss this and numerous other Trump nods to the number 17 as simply reading too much into things. Relatedly, on Aug 2 2018, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo actually suggested that Trump may be purposefully using the number 17 on twitter to signal to Q Anon people. Nonetheless, CNN is fake news.

And that concludes the pictures section of our article. For those readers who are interested in further Q Anon research and reporting, here are a my personal recommendations. First, the fastidious Q Anon detective who goes by Praying Medic, whose website is linked here, plus he has a twitter account here , and a youtube channel here. Also, check out the website https://www.inthematrixxx.com/ which is run by a group of patriots who provide continual in depth analysis of the latest Q drops and news events, members of this group have youtube channels and here and here and here. Further, I recommend X22Report, which is on twitter and youtube and provides very good Q research videos on a daily basis. Lastly, the libertarian financial blog Zero Hedge featured a good anonymously penned ‘Introduction To Q’ article in January 2020 which is worth reading and sharing, linked here. I know that there are many more great researchers and resources, but I have a life and have settled on the above few to catch up with when I can.

The actual ‘Q communications’ or ‘Q posts’ themselves are posted by Q on a ‘board’ that Q owns on a forum hosting network called 8kun, and they are also compiled by some Q researchers onto their own websites, which are easier to navigate than 8kun, and so my recommendation for Q posts is: https://qalerts.app/posts/.  I find this website particularly useful because there is a ‘Keys’ section which explains many of the communication abbreviations used by Q, and there is also a ‘Research’ section which links to a number of good Q researchers. https://qmap.pub/ is also good for Q posts.

Whether or not the reader decides to pursue further research, I should mention here that there are a number of topics about which Q communicates that I have not mentioned above. So, here is an incomplete list of further topics of the Q communications: The widespread illegal practice of user data collection by companies including facebook, google, twitter, and microsoft, amongst an odd dozen others. The ways in which the deep state criminal syndicate gains access to this data. Election fraud in the US and the future implementation of voter ID laws. The political agenda behind promoting an unchecked flood of illegal immigration into the US. The ways in which the criminal syndicate makes use of disparate lawless groups like MS-13, ISIS, and Antifa. The use of blackmail by the criminal syndicate, how a number of politicians and officials who are not directly involved in the worst crimes are being ensnared or blackmailed by the worst criminals. The Globalist agenda to end national sovereignty and to supplant individual liberty, and the popular pushback (yellow vests, deplorables, etc.). The use of ‘identity politics’ to slander vast multitudes of decent patriotic people as bigots and to divide people into hostile factions according to a hierarchy of victimhood. Relatedly, the mainstream media strategy of creating a narrative that President Trump is a racist and endorses white supremacists and neo-nazis. Because I find people’s naivete about this topic particularly irksome, I’ll provide some examples. Such media fabrications include the outright lies about Trump’s response to Charlottesville. In reality Trump immediately gave a speech which specifically denounced bigotry and hate, specifically stating that our standard of respect must be regardless of color or creed or political affiliation, and then at the subsequent press conference he specifically condemned white supremacists and neo-nazis before stating that not all protestors of the Robert E. Lee monument removal were white supremacists or neo-nazis and also that not all of the counter-protestors were violent antifa thugs. Media fabrications also include the outright lies about Trump’s comments about Latino immigrants at Trump rallies. In reality at Trump’s rally speeches he always acknowledges the contribution of Latino immigrants to American life and culture and pledges to increase the number of legal immigrants into the US, also Trump often specifically mentions that cartels and gang members are exploiting our unsecured borders and that among these people are rapists and murderers, but Trump has never once said or remotely intimated that Latino immigrants, legal or otherwise, are as a group rapists and murderers. Moving on, the Q drops also detail the hidden agenda behind massive taxation proposals to fight so-called ‘climate change’. For those who didn’t know, the notion that ‘CO2 causes climate change’ is a huge scam, but don’t be too surprised, they lie about everything else (https://realclimatescience.com/). Q also provides an inside perspective on Trump’s foreign policy strategies. And much more.

Before concluding, to emphasize a point mentioned earlier, while Q often communicates specific intel, Q also often suggests avenues of independent research for readers to pursue and to come to their own conclusions about, and Q’s statements are often phrased as questions. Ultimately, the resulting collective information sharing and the collective perspective shift are not dependent on the Q posts, and so it’s not accurate to call Q a ‘controlled operation’. Rather the analogy that Q is ‘captaining’ the Q Anon movement is very fitting. A sailing ship will get absolutely nowhere without a skilled and knowledgeable crew.

In closing, I’d like to say that I consider myself a libertarian (aka old school liberal), and I’d often prefer to see a greater scope and speed to the rollback of big government, of the mountains of regulations and restrictions and intrusions and entitlements. But I do know that great reforms are being accomplished and that nothing happens very quickly when the Swamp is fighting back at every step. So here I’d like to share, for the reader’s continued edification, a continually updated list of President Trump’s accomplishments in office, from breaking all previous records on jobs numbers and economic success, to much needed criminal justice reform and prison reform, to unprecedented numbers of prosecutions of human traffickers and sex traffickers, to steadily securing our border and safeguarding our national sovereignty, to much more, it’s a long list: http://www.magapill.com/ Wow, even I didn’t realize he did so much. Wish the fake news would report. Thank you, President Trump!

And thank you, General Flynn!

And now I’m going to hand the mic to Q. A quote from from March 12 2019:

“The Great Awakening (‘Freedom of Thought’), was designed and created not only as a backchannel to the public (away from the longstanding ‘mind’ control of the corrupt & heavily biased media) to endure future events through transparency and regeneration of individual thought (breaking the chains of ‘group-think’), but, more importantly, aid in the construction of a vehicle (a ‘ship’) that provides the scattered (‘free thinkers’) with a ‘starter’ new social-networking platform which allows for freedom of thought, expression, and patriotism or national pride (the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment). When ‘non-dogmatic’ information becomes FREE & TRANSPARENT it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative and/or the stable. When you are awake, you stand on the outside of the stable (‘group-think’ collective), and have ‘free thought’. “Free thought” is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma. When you are awake, you are able to clearly see. The choice is yours, and yours alone. Trust and put faith in yourself. You are not alone and you are not in the minority. Difficult truths will soon see the light of day. WWG1WGA!!!” Q

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General Michael Flynn: Conspiracy Theorist Or Conspiracy Analyst?

Before discussing General Michael Flynn, allow me to make the observation that it’s interesting that in 2015 candidate Donald Trump predicted that the then-closed case against billionaire child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was going to reopen.

Sadly, child sex trafficking is a problem which has been occuring on a sickening scale. Look up the US Dept of Justice ‘Operation Cross Country’, which has been conducting large sex trafficking stings for years. But it requires a different kind of sting operation when the targets are high-ranking and well-connected deep state criminals who have established formidable layers of corruption in the arenas of government and law enforcement to protect their own ranks. Let’s investigate the once highly protected world of Jeffrey and Ghislaine, are they a unique aberration or are they evidence of a more systemic evil?

We’ve all heard about billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his partner in crime, Ghislaine Maxwell. Now I want to highlight another similar case.

For starters and for comparison, we’ll present a few biographical details about Ghislaine Maxwell. Many who have followed the Epstein case will be aware that Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of British publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell, who once owned the Daily Mirror. She grew up in a 53 room mansion and spent her youth immersed in the highest levels of British society, as a brief internet image search will attest; royalty, aristocracy, stars of the entertainment world, etc. After her move to the United States in 1991, Ghislaine’s lifestyle continued much the same, and all the more so as her partnership in crime with Jeffery Epstein commenced and expanded. She’s been photographed posing with Bill Clinton at the door of Epstein’s so-called ‘Lolita Express’ airplane. High Society. In fact, her accustomed lifestyle continued even after Epstein’s 2008 conviction for procuring minors for prostitution. She was photographed at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010. What is particularly sickening is that any objective investigation of the Epstein case will reveal that Ghislaine was all along the main ‘procurer‘ of the underage victims for her and Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal enterprise. And she was not a ‘madam’ as many media outlets like to say, she was a human trafficker working the specialty ‘high end’ side of the market for young sex slaves.

Now, we’ll discuss Rachel Chandler. Like Ghislaine, she was born into a billionaire family in the publishing industry, owners of The Los Angeles Times amongst other newspapers. She grew up mingling with the ultra rich and famous, as a brief internet image search will attest. She married into the ultra-wealthy Guinness family of Ireland and continues to live a life of worldly privilege.

Snopes.com would like you to know that there is nothing concerning about a photo (which has been circulating online since 2006) of an adolescent Rachel Chandler (who graduated Brentwood High School in Los Angeles 2005) on a private plane with Bill Clinton, quoth Snopes: “She is a photographer and co-founder of a New York-based modeling agency who was needlessly thrown into this world of conspiracy because she once appeared in a photograph on a plane with Clinton”.

Furthermore, Snopes and every other controlled media outlet would never want you to know any troubling investigative details about Chandler’s ‘modeling agency’. They won’t tell you that Rachel Chandler has worked in partnership with the so-called ‘modeling agency’ MC2, as highlighted by the W Magazine article featured below, in which several of the ‘models’ personally selected and photographed by Rachel Chandler were provided by the so-called ‘modeling agency’ MC2. Please note from the snippet of a separate article (at the center of the below graphic), which is about a legal case filed by one of the victims of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, that the ‘modeling agency’ MC2, which was run by another of Jeffery Epstein’s partners in crime named Jean Luc Brunel, was in fact a front used to lure underage girls into the criminal industry of sex trafficking.

If you have any doubt as to whether Rachel Chandler’s own ‘modeling agency’, which she formed in partnership with a young man named Walter Pearce, is or was a front for underage sex trafficking, then take a look at the pictures below, these are just a few of many sickening instagram posts from Rachel Chandler and Walter Pearce. Notice the sickliness of the ‘models’, the dark under their eyes. Notice what look like possible cigarette burns on the kid at the upper right. Think logically, this sickly kid is not really being advertised as a ‘fashion model’. The perversion of the upper left photo speaks for itself. I’m sorry to say that Chandler and Pearce have uploaded far more disgusting images than these on their instagrams, but I’m not here to overly disgust people, I just want to show enough evidence to demonstrate an obvious occurence of criminal explotation of children.

Below are a few pictures that Rachel Chandler had uploaded onto her Tumblr page. No surprise, she deleted the worst images after widespread attention to her disturbing activities arose in 2018, but as an early follower of the case I personally saw these photos and worse on her social media accounts, including some with explicit themes of satanism and of children enacting satanic murder rituals. Regarding the sick photos below, I find the photo at the right to suggest some sort of ritual. We see a person holding up a makeshift viewing box, perhaps for an eclipse (or perhaps for determining a particular time of day, possibly on a solstice day) and we see what appears to be a newborn baby being held up in an offering gesture. I’m reminded that the rituals of ancient cults which practiced child sacrifice, such as the cult of Moloch, were described as solar rites or a form of sun worship. I’m just going to quote from the Q communications and leave it at that: “These people are sick.” Those who have the eyes to see will see.

Back to the Jeffrey Epstein case. Here’s one question for starters, what did the US Attorney for Southern District Florida (SDF) responsible for Epstein’s 2007 slap on the wrist ‘sweetheart deal’ mean when he said that he was told by higher-up that Epstein “belonged to Intelligence and to leave it alone”? Here’s another question, why did a plane Epstein used to traffick minors around the world share an FAA tail number with an aircraft belonging to a company called DynCorp (a contractor company to the US military and CIA), which carried a permit to fly in and out of US military bases around the world (and thus evade regular border security checkpoints) and which was involved in a child sex trafficking scandal in the Balkans at exact same time that Epstein was procuring child sex slaves from Balkans? Sounds like the US Attorney in the 2007 case wasn’t lying about Epstein having high up inside connections. Everyone knows Epstein was protected for years.

And while we’re all asking questions, we can inquire about claims that the Obama DOJ suppressed reports coming from the NYPD in October 2016 about the NYPD discovering a trove of evidence of horrific sex crimes against children amongst files of Hillary Clinton emails on a laptop belonging to Clinton aide Huma Abedein (often called ‘the Weiner laptop’ as the laptop was recovered at the NYC apartment of Huma’s husband Anthony Weiner).

A snapshot of the Dept of Justice OIG report which relays the initial FBI notes about the laptop recovered at Anthony Weiner’s NYC apartment in October 2016.

What became of the Weiner laptop files after the inauguration of Donald Trump and the appointment of Jeff Sessions to lead the DOJ? A DOJ Office of Inspector General (OIG) report from 2018 confirms the existence of such files. This same OIG report further reveals that in an October 2016 conference call, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI deputy director (now fired and facing indictment) Andrew McCabe discussed preventing the NYPD from leaking information. Also note that at this same time Loretta Lynch switched out the entire team investigating the NYPD in the Eric Garner case and that the 2018 OIG Report states that the Garner case was actually discussed as a strategy for preventing leaks from the NYPD (which obviously sounds like they were using the Garner case to threaten the NYPD into silence). Regarding legal action concerning the actual contents of the Weiner laptop, the 2018 OIG Report offers no specifics, but this is explainable as such information would be pending the conclusion of a lengthy and still ongoing investigation by US Prosecutor John Huber, who was tasked by Jeff Sessions to investigate The Clinton Foundation. At his most recent public appearance in June 2019, John Huber was given a seat of honor on stage at the DOJ US Attorneys Conference and was treated along with the crowd to a performance by the pipes and drums group of the NYPD’s fraternal Emerald Society, which was itself augmented by an accompaniment on bagpipes by Attorney General William Barr. Sure seems like the NYPD was being given special acknowledgement for an important working relationship.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting that Huffpo, the New Yorker, the Washington Post, and Politifact, among others, all ran articles in the past few years about ‘the psychology of conspiracy theorists’ which featured General Michael Flynn as a case example, all explaining that even high-ranking and intelligent people can fall into conspiratorial delusions, people just like General Mike Flynn for example! Thanks for the explanation, Amy Sorkin! You’re not only a great journalist for The New Yorker, you’re also great psychologist! Or, miss Sorkin, is it that General Flynn’s “tweets about pedophilia-related conspiracy theories” were shots across the bow because this man who served as the highest ranking military intelligence officer in the United States knows exactly what the sociopaths in your bosses’ social circles are up to? And thank you, Jeff Bezos and Washington Post, your message concerning General Flynn has been received: “dangerous”, “conspiracy theorist”, “unhinged”.

And now General Flynn seemingly can’t even keep four of his own siblings from continually using their twitter accounts to signal endorsement for the Q (or Q Anon) operation (note that a central topic of the Q communications is a long planned sting operation against a long entrenched deep state child trafficking network) but then Washington Post and friends thought better of drawing attention to that….wouldn’t want to inadvertently inspire people to actually consider anything. Along the same lines, I don’t recall the progressive media ever reporting about the fact that General Flynn has sent personal messages of support on twitter to reporters who are prominent in investigating the topic of pedogate/pizzagate. I clearly recall reporter Liz Crokin (who’s work focuses exclusively on pedogate) sharing a message of support and encouragement that she received from General Flynn after she was injured in a surfing accident. Twitter has since permanently banned Crokin for promoting ‘dangerous conspiracy theories’.

As things stand today, the Jeffrey Epstein case has been massively reopened and the Clintons are in defense mode. Currently, fingers are pointing in every direction, so let’s keep paying attention to what actually transpires in the coming weeks and months. What’s for certain, this is the result of long planning. The fact that Epstein is now dead (be it suicide or otherwise) is far from the end of matters. We already know from the DOJ that the case involves co-conspirators, and for the case against them as well as for ongoing suits by Epstein’s victims against the deceased Epstein’s estate, much has yet to unfold.

Meanwhile what’s with those references to ‘Moloch’ in various emails (thanks, WikiLeaks) and social media posts and artworks by Hillary-connected political insiders, and why are so many of these people into the themes of satanism and pedophilia? Is this just art themes that are ‘in’ these days, or is this a thinly veiled flaunting of extremely evil behavior? I know that I came across Moloch in researching for a book I wrote about the Bible, and Moloch is about one thing and one thing only: an ancient cult that practiced child-sacrifice. And the Bible wasn’t lying on that count, the cult actually existed, as corroborated by ancient Greek historians. What a thing out of history books for modern day people to LARP about or to make an art theme of. Well, General Flynn wasn’t the only one firing shots across the bow concerning these matters, listen to candidate Donald Trump’s closing remarks at the 2016 Al Smith charity dinner, starting at 15:04 (https://youtu.be/Bmvxx_YbDsM?t=904). Direct hit for those in the know. No wonder so many social and political elites despise Trump and have been hysterically pushing the racist/bigot/russianagent/lovesnazis/hatesimmigrants narrative from day one. As Trump has repeatedly commented: “I’ve been watching these people closely for a long time”, and also repeatedly commented “these people are sick”. The least threatening person in their superficial social circuit, the skirt-chasing clown who could always be counted on for a generous donation, is now their executioner. Not that justice won’t be served through all the proper legal channels and by the book.

As it stands today, many people who previously never gave time to so-called conspiracy theories are starting to ask questions about that creepy occult temple on Epstein’s island.

And I know I’m not the only one asking why bizarre lingo from occultist and satanist Aleister Crowley’s writings shows up in the emails of Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager John Podesta. Why do seemingly casual emails specifically mention Crowley’s pseudo-religion called Thelema and specifically mention making sacrifices to Moloch. Disturbing. Why did Crowley himself write about Moloch in a positive light? And why did Crowley dredge up from ancient Babylonian and Jewish traditions a demon called Lilith who preys upon children (later refashioned into a child-stealing witch of the same name by the Roman poet Horace) for a central starring role in his freakazoid catechism, as the “Great Mother” who “through ritual invokes the energies of the Aeon”. What rituals? Why did Crowley write in his book ‘Magick In Theory And Practice’ (1929) that human sacrifice is the most efficacious magick ritual and that a child is the best victim? Come to think of it, the artist Marina Abramovic of John Podesta email infamy (thanks, WikiLeaks) has taken numerous ‘art themes’ directly from Aleister Crowley, including her ‘spirit cooking’ ritual. Are we supposed to believe that it’s just a bit of campiness, all in good fun? That she’s just into having children lie in the shape of pentagrams around skeletons and mock-cannibalism and fun stuff like that?

So many questions.

And now further dominoes regarding the NXIVM sex trafficking cult are set to fall (note that this cult was financed by members of the billionaire Bronfman family, and that billionaire Richard Branson hosted parties for this cult on his private carribbean island). And now people are looking back at how victims of the Franklin pedophile network in the US and of the Jimmy Saville/British MPs pedophile network and the Belgian Dutroux pedophile network all said murderous satanic rituals were practiced. Some victims spoke of the networks using extensive subterranean tunnel systems. Heavily financed, deeply entrenched. The Belgian Dutroux scandal sparked the largest public protest in Belgian history to date after the murders and bizzare deaths of dozens of investigation targets confirmed Dutroux’s claim that powerful members of his network would protect him for keeping silent and protect themselves from exposure.

At this juncture, it would be worthwhile to look back a few years at the ‘pizzagate’ so-called conspiracy theory. The initial and real story of ‘pizzagate’ was never about claims of a dungeon in the basement of a pizza parlor (that’s the fake news obfuscation). Regarding the pizza parlor, the real story was rather about how the instagram pages of James Alefantis (aka ‘Jimmy Comet’, owner of ‘Comet Ping Pong and Pizza’ and Democrat fundraiser, listed by GQ as one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington DC for some odd reason) and his circle of instagram friends were riddled with references to pedophilia and satanism. Unsurprisingly, after the public uproar they quickly deleted the worst of their posts, and, unsuprisingly to some, Google and several social networks subsequently proceeded to engage in Orwellian censorship campaigns of their own. But some archived evidence can still be found online for those willing to dig around. While there’s no direct evidence of crimes, there’s a lot of red flags. Sick jokes sexualizing babies. Pedophile slang about ‘chicken lovers’ and ‘panda eyes’. Sick jokes about cannibalism. Sick jokes about selling babies and flashing cash in international currencies. Add to that general creepiness a photo of an envelope marked ‘Moloch Maschine’. Also, several bands that regularly played concerts at the ‘family friendly’ Comet Ping Pong and Pizza had pedophilia and satanism imagery and lyrics throughout their social media and music videos, bands like ‘Heavy Breathing’ and ‘Majestic Ape’ and ‘Sex Stains’, amongst others. And there are also specific pedophile symbols. Here’s one example, an FBI-flagged pedophile symbol being featured in a video by a band called ‘Sex Stains’ that regularly performed at Comet Ping Pong.

Investigate or don’t investigate pizzagate, but please don’t simply accept the mainstream media narrative without investigating.

One more graphic. Notice anything creepy in the photos below? It’s that dang blue triangular pedophile symbol again. It was used for years as the logo of a charity for refugees, mainly refugee children, founded by Canadian billionaire Frank Giustra. Giustra also happens to be a close friend of Bill Clinton and sits on the board of The Clinton Foundation, with whom he has also entered into several charitable ‘enterprise partnership’ projects in places like Haiti. Our friends at Snopes.com, in an article alerting us that the photo of Bill Clinton and Rachel Chandler does not resemble the interior of Jeffrey Epstein’s plane, note that the plane interior in the photo resembles a McDonnellDouglas MD87, which is a plane known to belong to Frank Giustra (a 2008 article by The Globe and Mail notes that Giustra took Clinton on numerous trips on board Giustra’s “opulently appointed MD-87 jet”). Okay, so it wasn’t Epstein’s plane, it was likely the plane belonging to the guy who used a giant pedophile logo for his foundation to help orphan refugees. Great, I feel much better now.

Birds of a feather. Is the Clinton Foundation involved in child trafficking? Stay tuned.

Well, now that I’ve brought up the Clinton Foundation and James Alefantis (aka Jimmy Comet), I would be remiss not to discuss another player in this sordid tale, a woman named Tamera Luzzatto who worked for years as Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff and is a friend of John Podesta, former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, and of his brother Tony Podesta, and also of James Alefantis (aka Jimmy Comet). Along with having been Hillary’s chief of staff (2001-2009), Tamera Luzzetta is also a Senior Vice President of the Pew Charitable Trust.

In the pictorial graphic below you will see that Tamera Luzzatto is also a complete sicko who had a website called ‘Evie’s Crib’ which was all about her grandaughter, and which featured the header description: “for a limited time only, you can spend some time with her online, raw and uncut. Take advantage of this now, as in the future she will have the power of life and death over you.” I know it’s small text, so I enlarged the portion featuring the text at the bottom of the graphic. This isn’t just a bad joke, it’s evil and sick, a thinly veiled advertisement of online child pornography and also what appears to be a broadcasting of plans to turn a child into some kind of dominatrix for the other sickos in her elite social sphere. Notice that she also makes reference to ‘the farm’. A number of her sociopathic friends including James Alefantis also make numerous mentions of ‘the farm’ in their social media. Tamera has since made the ‘Evie’s Crib’ website inaccessible, but as an early investigator I saw the ‘non-member’ part while it was still public. To think that she once felt secure enough to flaunt this in public. To quote the Q communications: “These people are stupid.”

In addition to her granddaughter, Tamera Luzzatto also on her ‘Evie’s Crib’ webpage linked to a webpage about “Evie’s new friend Jack”. Note that she writes “Jack is owned by Ken Weber and Stephanie Copeland, who live a few blocks from us…” Think logically, who the hell uses the word “owned by” when writing about a baby? Only sickos would write that.

And the pictorial graphic below is of the website about Jack that Tamera Luzzatto recommended in her website. It looks like Jack’s ‘owners’ are just sociopathic enough to think they could pass it off as a joke when writing “Unrated version of this photo available only to premium subscribers. ; )” These people are stupid and sick.

Note in the first pictorial graphic above about ‘Evie’s Crib’ that Tamera Luzzatto wrote about her grandnieces, Ruby, Emma, and Maeve. Featured in the pictorial graphic below is an article online about the home birth of Maeve Chaim Luzzatto. Notice that the article mentions Maeve’s sisters Ruby and Emerson. This is from a Washington D.C. area ‘midwives’ webpage. In the graphic after the one below we will see who was also present at Maeve’s birth.

I know the above graphic the article title is about ‘Maeve Chaim’, but notice that article paragraph featured below reads that “Mave Chaim Luzzatto arrived”. And who do we see in the photo featured next to this paragraph in the article? Well if it isn’t James Alefantis (aka Jimmy Comet). That’s him. I included 3 other photos of him below the article snippet for visual comparison. Also, notice that the photo on the right shows him hanging out with close friend Tony Podesta (a known patron of the sickest artists on earth). The photo on lower left is a snippet of Alefantis featured in GQ’s ‘The Fifty Most Powerful People In Washington’. Now, if these people weren’t a bunch of freakazoids, then a photo of Alefantis’ attendance at this birth wouldn’t be a cause of concern or even something to be noticed by anyone in the first place, since it’s just a photo of guy with people who are known members of his social sphere, apparently friends. But these people are a bunch of freakazoids, very sick and evil ones.

Tamera Luzzatto first showed up on a lot of people’s radar due to her appearance in the John Podesta emails released by Wikileaks in 2016, in an email which raised initial flags of concern for people and subsequently led online investigators to uncover the information in the above graphics. Below is the email, a group email which incudes a reply from Tamera Luzzatto to a group of people including John Podesta. Now, if the reader of this email knew nothing else about these people, then if they thought thought they saw something possibly amiss, they might simply give the email writer the benefit of the doubt for an unintentional appearance of a suggestion of sexual exploitation of children: “We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.” Personally, I’d probably decide to just take it as a joke about how groups of unruly kids are known to interfere with grownups’ relaxing swims. But it was the appearance of other stuff in the Wikilieaks that had people looking twice and thinking twice: topics including Marina Abramovich’s ‘spirit cooking’ ritual, Tony Podesta’s ‘art’ patronage (one look and you’d know, have a barf bag handy), James Alefantis (one look at what he and his circle of instagram friends were posting and you’d know; though the images are deleted now from their instagrams and many are censored from google search results, they’re still on some ‘pizzagate’ archives), words like Moloch and Thelema, odd mentions of pizza and hot dogs which read like code, and a whole bunch of other darkly strange incongruities. All of which led to investigators to Tamera Luzzatto’s ‘Evie’s Crib’ website and to many other dark and disgusting discoveries about which many more pages could be written.

All of the above is about an ‘elite’ millionaire and billionaire class membership in a sick cult. They abuse their own children, but they don’t treat them like they treat their victims who are outside of their family or cult. They consider themselves to be some kind of royalty and altogether separate from and superior to the rest of humanity at large. Pages could be written about how they have used various symbols and signs to flaunt what they thought was their invincibility. Their pseudo-religion appears to be a frankenstien of parts from all over the place, some parts taken from Aleister Crowley, and others from an 18th century occultist called Spartacus-Weipshaut, his secret society used an owl as one of their symbols, as do the modern sickos, and from many other sources. One example of their symbolism is the odd use of a particular tint of the color purple. The ancient cult of Moloch, also associated with saturn by ancient writers (and by modern sickos), was centered in a region of ancient Phoenicia called Tyre, though seafaring Phoenicians also took the cult elsewhere with them, and the purple dye manufactured there and used for the robes of ancient royalty gave Phoenicia the name by which it is known today (from the Greek Phoinikes for Tyrian Purple). I recall how it struck me as odd that Bill and Hillary Clinton were both wearing bright purple during her concession speech following her defeat in the 2016 election. I was just newly aware of ‘pizzagate’ and I knew that it meant something. I can’t prove it, but I believe the purple was meant to defiantly signal their ‘royal status’ to others in their ranks and their own cult, the message being “we must all stick together so that we may rightfully continue to rule the masses”. If you scroll back up to the pictorial graphics featuring the article about the home birth of Tamara Luzzatto’s grandniece, you’ll notice that this Washington DC area midwives association website features the same tint of purple; now I don’t call that proof of anything in itself, but it is the kind of thing that might cause one to further investgate, given what we know of Tamera Luzzatto and Jimmy Comet. Anyhow, there are too many symbols to go over here; some symbols are appropriated (or rather misappropriated) from ancient traditions, and others seem to be unique to their own cult (for example, odd ways of displaying things like rabbit ears and butterflies have specific meanings). It’s worth mentioning that the Q communications (which you can read more about in other articles linked at the bottom of this page) say many times that “symbolism will be their downfall.” I guarantee that the Q operation has very direct evidence of their crimes, but I also think it is accurate to say that their long history of flaunting symbolism is one big way that they will lose in the court of public opinion should they have the opportunity to protest that it’s all lies and fakes and a setup.

In closing, to emphasize some positive conclusions regarding the troubling subject matter of this article, it’s not a new problem, but the new and growing popular awareness is a sign of social momentum, and that’s good because social momentum changes things. Issues like serfdom and slavery and ‘the divine right of kings’ were once widely accepted and/or ignored, but then new people came along and changed things. It always starts with a few pioneers and then it picks up an unstoppable momentum. Another positive aspect, the extreme sociopaths are numerically an infinitesimally small percent of humanity, and humanity at large is very wholesome and always getting better, with each new generation receiving good things that previous generations were asking for but couldn’t receive on account of focus being locked on the problems. Another positive aspect, while satanism exists, God’s mercy and God’s ability to heal is infinitely more powerful. There’s not one horrible abuser who hasn’t been themselves horribly abused in some or other kind of way, and I believe that every last deluded satanist sociopath will surely receive the goodness that they truly desire but have been twisted out of connecting to in this lifetime. Another positive aspect, the whole situation strongly proves the lesson that unwarranted State power and control always attracts the very worst sociopaths to positions of State authority. Our greatest American thinkers knew this and thus have always promoted a limited government with the primary purpose of securing people’s Liberty. It took many centuries of observation to come to that conclusion. Even the Bible itself concludes with a metaphor about the State as the ‘Red Dragon’, to which the biblical author assigns a further list of names including ‘Babylon’ and ‘Rome’ and ‘Egypt’, making the point that the author means ‘empire’ itself and unwarranted State power over people’s lives.

Socialism or progressivism might look good on paper, but giving the State the power to manage the everyday ins and outs of people’s lives and to take control over arenas that should be left to people’s diverse voluntary preferences can never end well. Of course there’s no harm in subsidizing some collective endeavors via the State, but things like maintaining roads are a far cry from forcing everyone to subsidize one homogenized consortium of state-accredited colleges (which just happens to promote every form of rank materialism and divisive identity politics) and one state-approved medical modality (at the expense of allowing a diversity of modalities to organically learn from each other and accordingly grow and flourish).

Problems are a given in this world, but the entire magic of life is in the realm of solutions. To point to various problems as justifications to deprive people of the Liberty to create their own diverse solutions is to try and shut down what Liberty and the pursuit of happiness are all about.

God Wins.


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