Alexander Acosta: Dangling Shiny Object

It’s interesting that in 2015 that candidate Donald Trump predicted that the closed Epstein case was going to reignite causing big trouble for Bill Clinton. So if Trump foresaw this happening during his presidential tenure, then why position the prosecutor ostensibly responsible for Epstein’s 2007 ‘sweetheart deal’, Alexander Acosta, as a member of the Trump Administration (Labor Secretary) to dangle like a shiny object? Well, maybe the purpose of this dangling shiny object is to dangle like a shiny object, and to help inspire multitudes of angry democrats to keep asking questions and demanding answers with all the fervor of hunting down loathed enemies and none of the hesitancy of bringing to ruin beloved heroes. “Exactly which higher ups said exactly what to you, Secretary Acosta?” “We need to see more flight logs, let’s hear more from the pilots, more from the security cams, more from the teenage girls”. The ‘connect-it-to-Trump’ mania will ensure that every straw of hay is sorted, studied, polished, and labelled. The complicit cover-uppers in the upper echelons of the giant left-wing media outlets already know where this is really leading, but they can’t bury it or obfuscate it this time. Too many sincere progressive journalists working for too many outlets in this diverse internet-driven media era. Too many good people in America who won’t allow partisanship to factor into their outrage once the facts begin to crystallize.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting that Huffpo, the New Yorker, the Washington Post, and Politifact, among others, all ran articles in the past few years about ‘the psychology of conspiracy theorists’ which featured General Michael Flynn as a case example, all explaining that even high-ranking and intelligent people can fall into conspiratorial delusions, people just like General Mike Flynn for example! Thanks for the explanation, Amy Sorkin! You’re a not only great journalist, you’re also great psychologist! Or, miss Sorkin, is it that General Flynn’s “tweets about pedophilia-related conspiracy theories” were shots across the bow because this man who served as the highest ranking military intelligence officer in the United States knows exactly what the sociopaths in your bosses’ social circles are up to? And thank you, Jeff Bezos and Washington Post, your message concerning General Flynn has been received: “conspiracy theorist”, “unhinged”.

And now General Flynn can’t even keep four of his own siblings from continually expressing support for QAnon on twitter, but then WaPo and friends thought better of drawing attention to that fact….wouldn’t want to inadvertently inspire people to actually consider anything.

And now the Jeffrey Epstein case has been massively reopened and the Clintons are in defense mode. As mentioned, fingers are currently pointing in every direction, so let’s keep paying attention to what actually transpires in the coming weeks and months. What’s for certain, this is the result of long planning.

Meanwhile, what’s with those references to ‘Moloch’ in various emails and social media posts and artworks by Hillary-connected political insiders, and why are so many of these people into the themes of satanism and pedophilia? Is this just art themes that are ‘in’ these days, or is this a thinly veiled flaunting of extremely evil behavior? I know that I came across ‘Moloch’ in researching for a book I wrote about the Bible, and Moloch is about just one thing: an ancient cult that practiced child-sacrifice. And the Bible wasn’t lying on that count, the cult actually existed, as corroborated by ancient Greek historians. What a thing out of history books for modern day people to LARP about or to make an art theme of. Well, General Flynn wasn’t the only one firing shots across the bow concerning these matters, listen to Trump’s closing remarks at the 2016 Al Smith charity dinner, starting at 15:04 ( . Direct hit for those in the know. No wonder so many social and political elites despise Trump and have been hysterically pushing the racist/bigot/russianagent/lovesnazis/hatesimmigrants narrative from day one. As Trump has repeatedly commented: “I’ve been watching these people closely for a long time”, and also repeatedly commented “these people are sick”. The least threatening person in their superficial social circuit, the skirt-chasing clown who could always be counted on for a generous donation, is now their executioner. Not that justice won’t be served through all the proper legal channels and by the book. Nope, the sociopaths won’t even be able to try playing the ‘Barr is Trump’s henchman’ card, because Barr has already recused himself from the Epstein case (at least the initial case regarding Epstein himself if not necessarily the further resultant cases set to fall like dominoes).

And now many people are asking questions about that creepy occult temple on Epstein’s island.

And why does bizarre occult lingo from occultist Aleister Crowley’s writings show up in Hillary’s and Podesta’s emails? Why did Crowley write about ‘Moloch’ in a positive light? And why did Crowley dredge up from ancient Babylonian and Jewish traditions a demon called Lilith who preys upon children (later refashioned into a child-stealing witch of the same name by the Roman poet Horace) for a starring role in his freakazoid catechism, as the ‘great mother’ who through ritual “invokes the energies of the Aeon”. Why did Crowley write in his book ‘Magick In Theory And Practice’ (1929) that human sacrifice is the most efficacious magick ritual and that a child is the best victim? Read his words about that here. Come to think of it, the artist Marina Abramovic of Podesta email infamy has taken numerous ‘art themes’ direcly from Aleister Crowley, including her ‘spirit cooking’ ritual. It’s just a bit of campiness, all in good fun. She’s just into having children lie in the shape of pentagrams around skeletons and mock-cannibalism and stuff.

So many questions.

And now further NXIVM dominoes are set to fall. And now people are looking back at how victims of the Jimmy Saville/British MPs abuse network and the Belgian Dutroux abuse network said satanic rituals were practiced. The Belgian Dutroux scandal sparked the largest public protest in Belgian history to date after the murders and bizzare deaths of dozens of investigation targets confirmed Dutroux’s claim that powerful members of his network would protect him. One survivor of the Belgian network, Anneke Lucas, is now living in the United States and is helping abuse victims who are in the US prison system through a program she designed called ‘Liberation Prison Yoga’ ( ). She keeps separate from the QAnon movement although her experiences closely match what the Q communications say about the sociopaths involved.

In closing, to emphasize some positive aspects regarding the whole situation, it’s not a new problem but the new and growing popular awareness is a sign of social momentum, and that’s good because social momentum changes things. Issues like serfdom and slavery and ‘the divine right of kings’ were once widely accepted and/or ignored, but then new people came along and changed things, it always starts with a few pioneers and then it picks up an unstoppable momentum. Another positive aspect, the extreme sociopaths are numerically an infinitesimally small percent of humanity, and humanity at large is very wholesome and always getting better, with each new generation receiving good things that previous generations were asking for but couldn’t receive on account of focus being locked on the problems. Another positive aspect, while satanism exists, neither Satan nor hell exists (in my professional opinion) and there’s not one horrible abuser who hasn’t been themselves horribly abused in some way, and every last deluded satanist sociopath will surely receive the goodness that they truly desire but have been twisted out of connecting to in this lifetime. Another positive aspect, the whole situation strongly proves the lesson that unwarranted State power and control always attracts the very worst sociopaths to positions of State authority. Our greatest American thinkers knew this and thus have always promoted a limited government with the primary purpose of securing people’s Liberty. It took many centuries of observation to come to that conclusion. Even the Bible itself concludes with a metaphor about the State as the ‘Red Dragon’, to which the biblical author assigns a further list of names including ‘Babylon’ and ‘Rome’ and ‘Egypt’, making the point that the author means ‘empire’ itself and unwarranted power over people’s lives.

Socialism or progressivism might look good on paper, but giving the State the power to manage the ins and outs of people’s lives and to take control over arenas that should left to people’s diverse voluntary preferences, such as education and medicine, can never end well. Of course there’s no harm in subsidizing some collective endeavors via the State, but things like maintaining roads are a far cry from forcing everyone to subsidize one homogenized consortium of state-accredited colleges (which just happens to promote every form of rank materialism and divisive identity politics) and one state-approved medical modality (which just happens to be the big pharma modality).

Problems are a given in this world, but the entire magic of life is in the realm of solutions. To point to various problems (as progressives and socialists always do) as justifications to deprive people of the Liberty to create their own diverse solutions is to try and shut down what Liberty and the pursuit of happiness are all about.


Addendum: The initial and real story of ‘pizzagate’ was never about claims of a dungeon in the basement of a pizza parlor (that’s the fake news obfuscation). Regarding the pizza parlor, the real story was rather about how the instagram pages of James Alefantis (owner of ‘Comet Ping Pong and Pizza’ and Democrat fundraiser, listed by GQ as one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington DC for some odd reason) and associated political insiders were riddled with references to pedophilia and satanism. Even several of the the bands that regularly played concerts at the ‘family friendly’ Comet Ping Pong and Pizza had pedophilia and satanism imagery throughout their social media and music videos. I could assemble a long list of phographic screenshot evidence but I can’t handle being that disgusted twice, so here’s one small example, an FBI-flagged pedophile symbol being featured in a video by a band called ‘Sex Stains’ that regularly performed at Comet Ping Pong. Anyone can find for themselves what other researchers have compiled regarding the social media posts by Alefantis (aka Jimmy Comet) and associates. Investigate or don’t investigate, but please don’t simply accept the mainstream media narrative without investigating.

Yuck, I’m with you General Flynn.

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