General Michael Flynn: Conspiracy Theorist Or Conspiracy Analyst?

Before discussing General Michael Flynn, allow me to make the observation that it’s interesting that in 2015 candidate Donald Trump predicted that the then-closed case against billionaire child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was going to reopen.

Sadly, child sex trafficking is a problem which has been occuring on a sickening scale. Look up the US Dept of Justice ‘Operation Cross Country’, which has been conducting large sex trafficking stings for years. But it requires a different kind of sting operation when the targets are high-ranking and well-connected deep state criminals who have established formidable layers of corruption in the arenas of government and law enforcement to protect their own ranks. Let’s investigate the once highly protected world of Jeffrey and Ghislaine, are they a unique aberration or are they evidence of a more systemic evil?

We’ve all heard about billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his partner in crime, Ghislaine Maxwell. Now I want to highlight another similar case.

For starters and for comparison, we’ll present a few biographical details about Ghislaine Maxwell. Many who have followed the Epstein case will be aware that Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of British publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell, who once owned the Daily Mirror. She grew up in a 53 room mansion and spent her youth immersed in the highest levels of British society, as a brief internet image search will attest; royalty, aristocracy, stars of the entertainment world, etc. After her move to the United States in 1991, Ghislaine’s lifestyle continued much the same, and all the more so as her partnership in crime with Jeffery Epstein commenced and expanded. She’s been photographed posing with Bill Clinton at the door of Epstein’s so-called ‘Lolita Express’ airplane. High Society. In fact, her accustomed lifestyle continued even after Epstein’s 2008 conviction for procuring minors for prostitution. She was photographed at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010. What is particularly sickening is that any objective investigation of the Epstein case will reveal that Ghislaine was all along the main ‘procurer‘ of the underage victims for her and Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal enterprise. And she was not a ‘madam’ as many media outlets like to say, she was a human trafficker working the specialty ‘high end’ side of the market for young sex slaves.

Now, we’ll discuss Rachel Chandler. Like Ghislaine, she was born into a billionaire family in the publishing industry, owners of The Los Angeles Times amongst other newspapers. She grew up mingling with the ultra rich and famous, as a brief internet image search will attest. She married into the ultra-wealthy Guinness family of Ireland and continues to live a life of worldly privilege. would like you to know that there is nothing concerning about a photo (which has been circulating online since 2006) of an adolescent Rachel Chandler (who graduated Brentwood High School in Los Angeles 2005) on a private plane with Bill Clinton, quoth Snopes: “She is a photographer and co-founder of a New York-based modeling agency who was needlessly thrown into this world of conspiracy because she once appeared in a photograph on a plane with Clinton”.

Furthermore, Snopes and every other controlled media outlet would never want you to know any troubling investigative details about Chandler’s ‘modeling agency’. They won’t tell you that Rachel Chandler has worked in partnership with the so-called ‘modeling agency’ MC2, as highlighted by the W Magazine article featured below, in which several of the ‘models’ personally selected and photographed by Rachel Chandler were provided by the so-called ‘modeling agency’ MC2. Please note from the snippet of a separate article (at the center of the below graphic), which is about a legal case filed by one of the victims of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, that the ‘modeling agency’ MC2, which was run by another of Jeffery Epstein’s partners in crime named Jean Luc Brunel, was in fact a front used to lure underage girls into the criminal industry of sex trafficking.

If you have any doubt as to whether Rachel Chandler’s own ‘modeling agency’, which she formed in partnership with a young man named Walter Pearce, is or was a front for underage sex trafficking, then take a look at the pictures below, these are just a few of many sickening instagram posts from Rachel Chandler and Walter Pearce. Notice the sickliness of the ‘models’, the dark under their eyes. Notice what look like possible cigarette burns on the kid at the upper right. Think logically, this sickly kid is not really being advertised as a ‘fashion model’. The perversion of the upper left photo speaks for itself. I’m sorry to say that Chandler and Pearce have uploaded far more disgusting images than these on their instagrams, but I’m not here to overly disgust people, I just want to show enough evidence to demonstrate an obvious occurence of criminal explotation of children.

Below are a few pictures that Rachel Chandler had uploaded onto her Tumblr page. No surprise, she deleted the worst images after widespread attention to her disturbing activities arose in 2018, but as an early follower of the case I personally saw these photos and worse on her social media accounts, including some with explicit themes of satanism and of children enacting satanic murder rituals. Regarding the sick photos below, I find the photo at the right to suggest some sort of ritual. We see a person holding up a makeshift viewing box, perhaps for an eclipse (or perhaps for determining a particular time of day, possibly on a solstice day) and we see what appears to be a newborn baby being held up in an offering gesture. I’m reminded that the rituals of ancient cults which practiced child sacrifice, such as the cult of Moloch, were described as solar rites or a form of sun worship. I’m just going to quote from the Q communications and leave it at that: “These people are sick.” Those who have the eyes to see will see.

Back to the Jeffrey Epstein case. Here’s one question for starters, what did the US Attorney for Southern District Florida (SDF) responsible for Epstein’s 2007 slap on the wrist ‘sweetheart deal’ mean when he said that he was told by higher-up that Epstein “belonged to Intelligence and to leave it alone”? Here’s another question, why did a plane Epstein used to traffick minors around the world share an FAA tail number with an aircraft belonging to a company called DynCorp (a contractor company to the US military and CIA), which carried a permit to fly in and out of US military bases around the world (and thus evade regular border security checkpoints) and which was involved in a child sex trafficking scandal in the Balkans at exact same time that Epstein was procuring child sex slaves from Balkans? Sounds like the US Attorney in the 2007 case wasn’t lying about Epstein having high up inside connections. Everyone knows Epstein was protected for years.

And while we’re all asking questions, we can inquire about claims that the Obama DOJ suppressed reports coming from the NYPD in October 2016 about the NYPD discovering a trove of evidence of horrific sex crimes against children amongst files of Hillary Clinton emails on a laptop belonging to Clinton aide Huma Abedein (often called ‘the Weiner laptop’ as the laptop was recovered at the NYC apartment of Huma’s husband Anthony Weiner).

A snapshot of the Dept of Justice OIG report which relays the initial FBI notes about the laptop recovered at Anthony Weiner’s NYC apartment in October 2016.

What became of the Weiner laptop files after the inauguration of Donald Trump and the appointment of Jeff Sessions to lead the DOJ? A DOJ Office of Inspector General (OIG) report from 2018 confirms the existence of such files. This same OIG report further reveals that in an October 2016 conference call, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI deputy director (now fired and facing indictment) Andrew McCabe discussed preventing the NYPD from leaking information. Also note that at this same time Loretta Lynch switched out the entire team investigating the NYPD in the Eric Garner case and that the 2018 OIG Report states that the Garner case was actually discussed as a strategy for preventing leaks from the NYPD (which obviously sounds like they were using the Garner case to threaten the NYPD into silence). Regarding legal action concerning the actual contents of the Weiner laptop, the 2018 OIG Report offers no specifics, but this is explainable as such information would be pending the conclusion of a lengthy and still ongoing investigation by US Prosecutor John Huber, who was tasked by Jeff Sessions to investigate The Clinton Foundation. At his most recent public appearance in June 2019, John Huber was given a seat of honor on stage at the DOJ US Attorneys Conference and was treated along with the crowd to a performance by the pipes and drums group of the NYPD’s fraternal Emerald Society, which was itself augmented by an accompaniment on bagpipes by Attorney General William Barr. Sure seems like the NYPD was being given special acknowledgement for an important working relationship.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting that Huffpo, the New Yorker, the Washington Post, and Politifact, among others, all ran articles in the past few years about ‘the psychology of conspiracy theorists’ which featured General Michael Flynn as a case example, all explaining that even high-ranking and intelligent people can fall into conspiratorial delusions, people just like General Mike Flynn for example! Thanks for the explanation, Amy Sorkin! You’re not only a great journalist for The New Yorker, you’re also great psychologist! Or, miss Sorkin, is it that General Flynn’s “tweets about pedophilia-related conspiracy theories” were shots across the bow because this man who served as the highest ranking military intelligence officer in the United States knows exactly what the sociopaths in your bosses’ social circles are up to? And thank you, Jeff Bezos and Washington Post, your message concerning General Flynn has been received: “dangerous”, “conspiracy theorist”, “unhinged”.

And now General Flynn seemingly can’t even keep four of his own siblings from continually using their twitter accounts to signal endorsement for the Q (or Q Anon) operation (note that a central topic of the Q communications is a long planned sting operation against a long entrenched deep state child trafficking network) but then Washington Post and friends thought better of drawing attention to that….wouldn’t want to inadvertently inspire people to actually consider anything. Along the same lines, I don’t recall the progressive media ever reporting about the fact that General Flynn has sent personal messages of support on twitter to reporters who are prominent in investigating the topic of pedogate/pizzagate. I clearly recall reporter Liz Crokin (who’s work focuses exclusively on pedogate) sharing a message of support and encouragement that she received from General Flynn after she was injured in a surfing accident. Twitter has since permanently banned Crokin for promoting ‘dangerous conspiracy theories’.

As things stand today, the Jeffrey Epstein case has been massively reopened and the Clintons are in defense mode. Currently, fingers are pointing in every direction, so let’s keep paying attention to what actually transpires in the coming weeks and months. What’s for certain, this is the result of long planning. The fact that Epstein is now dead (be it suicide or otherwise) is far from the end of matters. We already know from the DOJ that the case involves co-conspirators, and for the case against them as well as for ongoing suits by Epstein’s victims against the deceased Epstein’s estate, much has yet to unfold.

Meanwhile what’s with those references to ‘Moloch’ in various emails (thanks, WikiLeaks) and social media posts and artworks by Hillary-connected political insiders, and why are so many of these people into the themes of satanism and pedophilia? Is this just art themes that are ‘in’ these days, or is this a thinly veiled flaunting of extremely evil behavior? I know that I came across Moloch in researching for a book I wrote about the Bible, and Moloch is about one thing and one thing only: an ancient cult that practiced child-sacrifice. And the Bible wasn’t lying on that count, the cult actually existed, as corroborated by ancient Greek historians. What a thing out of history books for modern day people to LARP about or to make an art theme of. Well, General Flynn wasn’t the only one firing shots across the bow concerning these matters, listen to candidate Donald Trump’s closing remarks at the 2016 Al Smith charity dinner, starting at 15:04 ( Direct hit for those in the know. No wonder so many social and political elites despise Trump and have been hysterically pushing the racist/bigot/russianagent/lovesnazis/hatesimmigrants narrative from day one. As Trump has repeatedly commented: “I’ve been watching these people closely for a long time”, and also repeatedly commented “these people are sick”. The least threatening person in their superficial social circuit, the skirt-chasing clown who could always be counted on for a generous donation, is now their executioner. Not that justice won’t be served through all the proper legal channels and by the book.

As it stands today, many people who previously never gave time to so-called conspiracy theories are starting to ask questions about that creepy occult temple on Epstein’s island.

And I know I’m not the only one asking why bizarre lingo from occultist and satanist Aleister Crowley’s writings shows up in the emails of Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager John Podesta. Why do seemingly casual emails specifically mention Crowley’s pseudo-religion called Thelema and specifically mention making sacrifices to Moloch. Disturbing. Why did Crowley himself write about Moloch in a positive light? And why did Crowley dredge up from ancient Babylonian and Jewish traditions a demon called Lilith who preys upon children (later refashioned into a child-stealing witch of the same name by the Roman poet Horace) for a central starring role in his freakazoid catechism, as the “Great Mother” who “through ritual invokes the energies of the Aeon”. What rituals? Why did Crowley write in his book ‘Magick In Theory And Practice’ (1929) that human sacrifice is the most efficacious magick ritual and that a child is the best victim? Come to think of it, the artist Marina Abramovic of John Podesta email infamy (thanks, WikiLeaks) has taken numerous ‘art themes’ directly from Aleister Crowley, including her ‘spirit cooking’ ritual. Are we supposed to believe that it’s just a bit of campiness, all in good fun? That she’s just into having children lie in the shape of pentagrams around skeletons and mock-cannibalism and fun stuff like that?

So many questions.

And now further dominoes regarding the NXIVM sex trafficking cult are set to fall (note that this cult was financed by members of the billionaire Bronfman family, and that billionaire Richard Branson hosted parties for this cult on his private carribbean island). And now people are looking back at how victims of the Franklin pedophile network in the US and of the Jimmy Saville/British MPs pedophile network and the Belgian Dutroux pedophile network all said murderous satanic rituals were practiced. Some victims spoke of the networks using extensive subterranean tunnel systems. Heavily financed, deeply entrenched. The Belgian Dutroux scandal sparked the largest public protest in Belgian history to date after the murders and bizzare deaths of dozens of investigation targets confirmed Dutroux’s claim that powerful members of his network would protect him for keeping silent and protect themselves from exposure.

At this juncture, it would be worthwhile to look back a few years at the ‘pizzagate’ so-called conspiracy theory. The initial and real story of ‘pizzagate’ was never about claims of a dungeon in the basement of a pizza parlor (that’s the fake news obfuscation). Regarding the pizza parlor, the real story was rather about how the instagram pages of James Alefantis (aka ‘Jimmy Comet’, owner of ‘Comet Ping Pong and Pizza’ and Democrat fundraiser, listed by GQ as one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington DC for some odd reason) and his circle of instagram friends were riddled with references to pedophilia and satanism. Unsurprisingly, after the public uproar they quickly deleted the worst of their posts, and, unsuprisingly to some, Google and several social networks subsequently proceeded to engage in Orwellian censorship campaigns of their own. But some archived evidence can still be found online for those willing to dig around. While there’s no direct evidence of crimes, there’s a lot of red flags. Sick jokes sexualizing babies. Pedophile slang about ‘chicken lovers’ and ‘panda eyes’. Sick jokes about cannibalism. Sick jokes about selling babies and flashing cash in international currencies. Add to that general creepiness a photo of an envelope marked ‘Moloch Maschine’. Also, several bands that regularly played concerts at the ‘family friendly’ Comet Ping Pong and Pizza had pedophilia and satanism imagery and lyrics throughout their social media and music videos, bands like ‘Heavy Breathing’ and ‘Majestic Ape’ and ‘Sex Stains’, amongst others. And there are also specific pedophile symbols. Here’s one example, an FBI-flagged pedophile symbol being featured in a video by a band called ‘Sex Stains’ that regularly performed at Comet Ping Pong.

Investigate or don’t investigate pizzagate, but please don’t simply accept the mainstream media narrative without investigating.

One more graphic. Notice anything creepy in the photos below? It’s that dang blue triangular pedophile symbol again. It was used for years as the logo of a charity for refugees, mainly refugee children, founded by Canadian billionaire Frank Giustra. Giustra also happens to be a close friend of Bill Clinton and sits on the board of The Clinton Foundation, with whom he has also entered into several charitable ‘enterprise partnership’ projects in places like Haiti. Our friends at, in an article alerting us that the photo of Bill Clinton and Rachel Chandler does not resemble the interior of Jeffrey Epstein’s plane, note that the plane interior in the photo resembles a McDonnellDouglas MD87, which is a plane known to belong to Frank Giustra (a 2008 article by The Globe and Mail notes that Giustra took Clinton on numerous trips on board Giustra’s “opulently appointed MD-87 jet”). Okay, so it wasn’t Epstein’s plane, it was likely the plane belonging to the guy who used a giant pedophile logo for his foundation to help orphan refugees. Great, I feel much better now.

Birds of a feather. Is the Clinton Foundation involved in child trafficking? Stay tuned.

Well, now that I’ve brought up the Clinton Foundation and James Alefantis (aka Jimmy Comet), I would be remiss not to discuss another player in this sordid tale, a woman named Tamera Luzzatto who worked for years as Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff and is a friend of John Podesta, former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, and of his brother Tony Podesta, and also of James Alefantis (aka Jimmy Comet). Along with having been Hillary’s chief of staff (2001-2009), Tamera Luzzetta is also a Senior Vice President of the Pew Charitable Trust.

In the pictorial graphic below you will see that Tamera Luzzatto is also a complete sicko who had a website called ‘Evie’s Crib’ which was all about her grandaughter, and which featured the header description: “for a limited time only, you can spend some time with her online, raw and uncut. Take advantage of this now, as in the future she will have the power of life and death over you.” I know it’s small text, so I enlarged the portion featuring the text at the bottom of the graphic. This isn’t just a bad joke, it’s evil and sick, a thinly veiled advertisement of online child pornography and also what appears to be a broadcasting of plans to turn a child into some kind of dominatrix for the other sickos in her elite social sphere. Notice that she also makes reference to ‘the farm’. A number of her sociopathic friends including James Alefantis also make numerous mentions of ‘the farm’ in their social media. Tamera has since made the ‘Evie’s Crib’ website inaccessible, but as an early investigator I saw the ‘non-member’ part while it was still public. To think that she once felt secure enough to flaunt this in public. To quote the Q communications: “These people are stupid.”

In addition to her granddaughter, Tamera Luzzatto also on her ‘Evie’s Crib’ webpage linked to a webpage about “Evie’s new friend Jack”. Note that she writes “Jack is owned by Ken Weber and Stephanie Copeland, who live a few blocks from us…” Think logically, who the hell uses the word “owned by” when writing about a baby? Only sickos would write that.

And the pictorial graphic below is of the website about Jack that Tamera Luzzatto recommended in her website. It looks like Jack’s ‘owners’ are just sociopathic enough to think they could pass it off as a joke when writing “Unrated version of this photo available only to premium subscribers. ; )” These people are stupid and sick.

Note in the first pictorial graphic above about ‘Evie’s Crib’ that Tamera Luzzatto wrote about her grandnieces, Ruby, Emma, and Maeve. Featured in the pictorial graphic below is an article online about the home birth of Maeve Chaim Luzzatto. Notice that the article mentions Maeve’s sisters Ruby and Emerson. This is from a Washington D.C. area ‘midwives’ webpage. In the graphic after the one below we will see who was also present at Maeve’s birth.

I know the above graphic the article title is about ‘Maeve Chaim’, but notice that article paragraph featured below reads that “Mave Chaim Luzzatto arrived”. And who do we see in the photo featured next to this paragraph in the article? Well if it isn’t James Alefantis (aka Jimmy Comet). That’s him. I included 3 other photos of him below the article snippet for visual comparison. Also, notice that the photo on the right shows him hanging out with close friend Tony Podesta (a known patron of the sickest artists on earth). The photo on lower left is a snippet of Alefantis featured in GQ’s ‘The Fifty Most Powerful People In Washington’. Now, if these people weren’t a bunch of freakazoids, then a photo of Alefantis’ attendance at this birth wouldn’t be a cause of concern or even something to be noticed by anyone in the first place, since it’s just a photo of guy with people who are known members of his social sphere, apparently friends. But these people are a bunch of freakazoids, very sick and evil ones.

Tamera Luzzatto first showed up on a lot of people’s radar due to her appearance in the John Podesta emails released by Wikileaks in 2016, in an email which raised initial flags of concern for people and subsequently led online investigators to uncover the information in the above graphics. Below is the email, a group email which incudes a reply from Tamera Luzzatto to a group of people including John Podesta. Now, if the reader of this email knew nothing else about these people, then if they thought thought they saw something possibly amiss, they might simply give the email writer the benefit of the doubt for an unintentional appearance of a suggestion of sexual exploitation of children: “We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.” Personally, I’d probably decide to just take it as a joke about how groups of unruly kids are known to interfere with grownups’ relaxing swims. But it was the appearance of other stuff in the Wikilieaks that had people looking twice and thinking twice: topics including Marina Abramovich’s ‘spirit cooking’ ritual, Tony Podesta’s ‘art’ patronage (one look and you’d know, have a barf bag handy), James Alefantis (one look at what he and his circle of instagram friends were posting and you’d know; though the images are deleted now from their instagrams and many are censored from google search results, they’re still on some ‘pizzagate’ archives), words like Moloch and Thelema, odd mentions of pizza and hot dogs which read like code, and a whole bunch of other darkly strange incongruities. All of which led to investigators to Tamera Luzzatto’s ‘Evie’s Crib’ website and to many other dark and disgusting discoveries about which many more pages could be written.

All of the above is about an ‘elite’ millionaire and billionaire class membership in a sick cult. They abuse their own children, but they don’t treat them like they treat their victims who are outside of their family or cult. They consider themselves to be some kind of royalty and altogether separate from and superior to the rest of humanity at large. Pages could be written about how they have used various symbols and signs to flaunt what they thought was their invincibility. Their pseudo-religion appears to be a frankenstien of parts from all over the place, some parts taken from Aleister Crowley, and others from an 18th century occultist called Spartacus-Weipshaut, his secret society used an owl as one of their symbols, as do the modern sickos, and from many other sources. One example of their symbolism is the odd use of a particular tint of the color purple. The ancient cult of Moloch, also associated with saturn by ancient writers (and by modern sickos), was centered in a region of ancient Phoenicia called Tyre, though seafaring Phoenicians also took the cult elsewhere with them, and the purple dye manufactured there and used for the robes of ancient royalty gave Phoenicia the name by which it is known today (from the Greek Phoinikes for Tyrian Purple). I recall how it struck me as odd that Bill and Hillary Clinton were both wearing bright purple during her concession speech following her defeat in the 2016 election. I was just newly aware of ‘pizzagate’ and I knew that it meant something. I can’t prove it, but I believe the purple was meant to defiantly signal their ‘royal status’ to others in their ranks and their own cult, the message being “we must all stick together so that we may rightfully continue to rule the masses”. If you scroll back up to the pictorial graphics featuring the article about the home birth of Tamara Luzzatto’s grandniece, you’ll notice that this Washington DC area midwives association website features the same tint of purple; now I don’t call that proof of anything in itself, but it is the kind of thing that might cause one to further investgate, given what we know of Tamera Luzzatto and Jimmy Comet. Anyhow, there are too many symbols to go over here; some symbols are appropriated (or rather misappropriated) from ancient traditions, and others seem to be unique to their own cult (for example, odd ways of displaying things like rabbit ears and butterflies have specific meanings). It’s worth mentioning that the Q communications (which you can read more about in other articles linked at the bottom of this page) say many times that “symbolism will be their downfall.” I guarantee that the Q operation has very direct evidence of their crimes, but I also think it is accurate to say that their long history of flaunting symbolism is one big way that they will lose in the court of public opinion should they have the opportunity to protest that it’s all lies and fakes and a setup.

In closing, to emphasize some positive conclusions regarding the troubling subject matter of this article, it’s not a new problem, but the new and growing popular awareness is a sign of social momentum, and that’s good because social momentum changes things. Issues like serfdom and slavery and ‘the divine right of kings’ were once widely accepted and/or ignored, but then new people came along and changed things. It always starts with a few pioneers and then it picks up an unstoppable momentum. Another positive aspect, the extreme sociopaths are numerically an infinitesimally small percent of humanity, and humanity at large is very wholesome and always getting better, with each new generation receiving good things that previous generations were asking for but couldn’t receive on account of focus being locked on the problems. Another positive aspect, while satanism exists, neither Satan nor hell exists (in my professional opinion) and there’s not one horrible abuser who hasn’t been themselves horribly abused in some or other kind of way, and every last deluded satanist sociopath will surely receive the goodness that they truly desire but have been twisted out of connecting to in this lifetime. Another positive aspect, the whole situation strongly proves the lesson that unwarranted State power and control always attracts the very worst sociopaths to positions of State authority. Our greatest American thinkers knew this and thus have always promoted a limited government with the primary purpose of securing people’s Liberty. It took many centuries of observation to come to that conclusion. Even the Bible itself concludes with a metaphor about the State as the ‘Red Dragon’, to which the biblical author assigns a further list of names including ‘Babylon’ and ‘Rome’ and ‘Egypt’, making the point that the author means ‘empire’ itself and unwarranted State power over people’s lives.

Socialism or progressivism might look good on paper, but giving the State the power to manage the everyday ins and outs of people’s lives and to take control over arenas that should left to people’s diverse voluntary preferences can never end well. Of course there’s no harm in subsidizing some collective endeavors via the State, but things like maintaining roads are a far cry from forcing everyone to subsidize one homogenized consortium of state-accredited colleges (which just happens to promote every form of rank materialism and divisive identity politics) and one state-approved medical modality (which just happens to be the big pharma modality).

Problems are a given in this world, but the entire magic of life is in the realm of solutions. To point to various problems as justifications to deprive people of the Liberty to create their own diverse solutions is to try and shut down what Liberty and the pursuit of happiness are all about.

God Wins.


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