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Last year I wrote a lengthy article about the social phenomenon called ‘Q’ or ‘Q Anon’, and in light of recent events I decided to write a much more streamlined article. So here it is, just 2 pages, Q in 2.

Q is an operation. What the Q operation does is provide a big picture explanation of the plan of action (excluding strategically sensitive details) by a group of patriots in US military and political spheres to defeat a longstanding deep state crime syndicate, to the ends of bringing the guilty to justice, restoring the rule of law, and ultimately restoring greater health and integrity to the entire realm of interrelated public trust institutions which we call Civil Society.

The explanation of this plan necessarily includes explaining much about the nature of the deep state crime syndicate. And this explains exactly why the Q operation was implemented in the first place as an unofficial backchannel of information to the public, because if the plan is to succeed then there has to be a dependable degree of public awareness and solidarity.

Now a bit more about who the team behind Q is. According to the Q communications, the core group is small and the core plan has been in development for decades. Part of the strategy was to regain control of the executive branch of the federal government, and now they have done so. It should be clarified, before proceeding, that this battle is not along the lines of party politics. The deep state crime syndicate is global and its tentacles have long extended through both major US political parties. Whatever his imperfections, Donald Trump is an outsider to the deep state crime syndicate and he was studied and deemed trustworthy by the patriots who initiated the Q operation. Put simply, Trump was recruited and he signed on to the Q operation. Since the Q communications (aka posts or drops) began in late 2017 (on an imageboard website forum where Q’s posts are always secured by an impenetrable user ID tripcode), President Trump has, through speeches and messages and tweets on social media which synchronize with and echo and mirror previous Q posts, repeatedly confirmed the authenticity of Q. Such confirmations (which I will describe in greater detail later) have catalyzed an explosion of popular interest in Q.

Now back to the plan. To more clearly understand why a public communication backchannel was deemed necessary, let’s shift our focus to the field of law enforcement and consider how a ‘sting operation’ or ‘RICO sting’ unfolds: first there’s a lengthy period of investigation, which is followed by a sweep of arrests of multiple targets over a very short span of time, which is followed by a trial by jury phase, and on from there. And this explains a key aspect of the plan conveyed by Q. While much of the Q communications deal with very slow machinations in the arena of law and justice and judiciary (for example, the ongoing FISAgate saga), it is the planned sting operation aspect of the Q endeavor that is the most sensitive and the most precarious aspect, and also the most requiring of a solid core of public awareness and solidarity. Because it’s big in scope and a number of the targets are high profile. And when it happens, you can count on hearing much howling about a ‘dictator’ and ‘henchmen’. Have you ever had the occasion of calling a street con artist on their con? If so, chances are you were informed that you’re the guilty one. Times that by ten thousand.

When the crimes are big, very shockingly big, you can count on hearing accusations of mental instability, of trafficking in baseless conspiracy theories, of being compromised and acting as the agent of a foreign adversary, maybe of Russia or somewhere like that, of a tin pot dictator turning a country into a banana republic, of a cheeto mussolini and his henchmen, in fact we’ve been hearing all of that for over 3 years nonstop.

Now, if you want a laugh, find the BBC interview with FBI contractor Stefan Halper where he tries to makes a case for using the 25th amendment to remove the ‘dangerously erratic’ President Trump. Stefan Halper is the clown who once served as Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, and then went on to manage the front bank for the Iran-Contra guns and drugs running operation, and was then retained for decades as an intelligence agency contractor until he was terminated by the FBI for being a crackhead, and was then rehired for a role in Team Hillary’s ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ frameup job (which is currently boomeranging back on the conspirators with official findings of extensive fraud perpetrated on the FISA court). As for Halper’s role, his very first target was General Michael Flynn. General Flynn once served as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under the Obama administration and was railroaded out of that position for writing a memo that blew the whistle on that administration’s arming and funding of Islamist jihadi brigades in regime change operations which ran completely counter to the stated mission of the United States in the region. Consider the irony of Stefan Halper, a neocon fossil fresh from serving in the employ of Team Hillary, the very epitome of a bipartisan deep state swamp creature, trying to make a case for using the 25th amendment to remove the president who wisely hired General Mike Flynn, who is the antithesis of the swamp in every way and is in fact the swamp’s worst nightmare.

Back to the Q operation. How would the plan have to proceed for the plan to work? Consider, if your adversaries wield enormous power to propagandistically push their narrative through a majority of the larger media outlets, you really can’t win unless you can counter that narrative, which is done by providing your own verifiable information and also by enkindling an awareness of the untrustworthiness of much of the media.

Let’s further consider what could not work. Say you’re an honest person serving in a governmental position and you have knowledge of extreme and well-entrenched criminality within the arena of government (along with an assortment of other interrelated public trust arenas), what would be the result of just coming out directly and making accusations? You’d gain little beyond being shutdown by a controlled media and being stonewalled by a corrupt justice system. Worse still, you’d be tipping off your enemies by spilling the details of what you know, in effect informing your enemies where to shore up their cover-ups and where to eliminate their liabilities.

What you would need to do is form a team and get your own players and allies into important positions and begin draining the swamp. You’d need to methodically remove corrupt players and replace them with allies in key roles in government, various agencies, the judiciary, the military, the corporate world, the banking system, the media, everywhere. And you’d need many allies in the public at large. You’d need a movement. Thus the Q operation and the resulting worldwide Q Anon movement with its motto ‘WWG1WGA’, ‘Where We Go One We Go All’. Sheep no more.

Well, my 2 pages are already up, and I suppose an article of this length can only be a primer. I haven’t gotten to the important details of how President Trump has confirmed the authenticity of the Q communications, nor to more specific details about how and where Q communicates, nor to the details of what Q has to say about the very evil global-scale criminal activity of the deep state crime syndicate, nor to details about the very positive things that Q says are planned for after the Q operation’s house cleaning and ass whooping procedures, but all of this and more is provided in my longer article (not terribly long, around 8 pages followed by 10 pages of pictorial graphics) called ‘A Common Sense Appraisal of Q’ (see the link at the end of this article). Thanks for reading.


“How many ideas have there been upon earth, in human history, which only ten years earlier were unimaginable and which suddenly appeared when their mysteriously appointed season arrived, to go spreading all over the earth?” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky


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